Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hide And Sneak...

The Nugget and Sugar Mama

Sugar Mama

The Nugget

The hubs and I took these amazing photos to Michael's today to be framed. He took them, for me, for Valentines Day and had them printed in an 11.75 x 10 Format... or something like that... Didn't he do a GREAT job?

I was bored during his indecisiveness over the matting, glass, frame, etc. So, Sugar Mama and I started a rousing game of Hide and Sneak... this is what she calls it. I wish I had carried my camera with me, because I would have loved to post pictures of here sneaking around corners, hiding in shelves, or shouting victoriously "I found you mama" loud enough for the entire store to hear. She, for whatever reason, is convinced EVERYONE around her cannot hear and must shout everything. :O)

This game lasted for a good 20 - 30 minutes and I loved every minute of it.. We took turns... One would count to 5 while the other hid, and I passed Sugar Mama more than once, hiding on a shelf, and before I could sneak past her to make her think I had not found her, she would jump out an announce herself. She even enlisted the help of her distracted daddy and diligent Michael's worker to find me as I hid. I got two presents today... a picture that will look beautiful when it's framed, and the best game of Hide and Sneak I've ever had :O)
Today I am thankful for an amazing little girl, the reminder of the games and fun had in childhood, and the stillness and permanence of pictures... they will forever be this size, atleast in print.

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  1. Christina, I LOVE the pictures of the girls!!! They are just as beautiful as their mama. They are sooooo very precious, and I am really happy to hear that your family had an amazing and memorable outing! Families with loving parents can always make the mundane errands a fun "event." After reading the last few posts I was moved to tears. . . apparently this thankful reminiscing is just in the air. I had to pull out Daniel's baby album on Monday. Just sitting at our dining room table talking to him, I had a flash of when he was an infant. His chair at the table is where his infant swing used to be. I remembered his chubby little cheeks sound asleep wrapped up in a blanket sitting in his swing in the exact same spot he was sitting, now a brand new 4-year old. And we'll not even talk about my 7 1/2 year old little man. I also had nick names for my boys - I LOVE Sugar Mama and Nugget. Joshua was always my LoveBug, and Daniel was my Little Papoose. . . as he's grown older he has become my Sweet love. Joshua has informed me he is way too big for LoveBug now. Oh well. And, before I sign off, let me say that I was absolutely moved to tears by your comments about TSS and me personally. As with the desire and inner pressure to be a perfect mom, it has become the same for me to be the, if not perfect, the very best teacher I can be. I truly LOVE my job - and hesitate to call it that. What I do is not work to me, unless you call it a labor of love. Oliva is so easy to love, and I have become incredibly to attached to her. And I am thrilled to call your entire family friends. God has truly led me to where I am - long story for another time. And I owe Him everything - my parents, my husband, my boys, our home, TSS, and my "borrowed" babies. I have never been happier than I am right now. I really do thank our Father in Heaven for loving us like children - and for bringing us together. I do not believe in coincidences. Please know that I love each of you very much! When Sugar Mama and Nugget wake up in the morning, please give them hugs and kisses from me!!