Monday, February 9, 2009

Manic Mondays...

Wow, what a weekend. If you live in the South I hope you enjoyed the glorious weather we had. My family and I took advantage and played at the park and walked around the flea market. On top of great weather the Nugget and I made great strides toward her sleeping pattern; for the first time since she came in May she slept, in her bed, by herself for 7 hours... Isn't GOD amazing?

We are also looking forward to Valentine's Day. Sugar Mama will enjoying a 50's sock hop, complete with French Fries and Sundaes, with her preschool class in authentic 50's garb. She is very excited about her "Princess Skirt" courtesy of her Memaw's sewing machine. I can't wait to post pictures, I'm hoping to find one for myself also... Party City Maybe?

I wonder what great and creative ideas people have for their kiddies for Valentines? Are you doing something special you'd like to post? We will be giving the girls baskets with candy and for Sugar Mama big girl Valentines games, and the Nugget lots of 1st Valentines day stuff.. bib, rattle, etc. Aren't kids fun? I love to share these holidays with my husband, but to come up with great stuff for kids is awesome.

Speaking of awesome.. thanks Mandy C for passing this along. If you go to and type in Mommy in the search box you can find tickets for $20 which allows you and up to two children to the aquarium. That's worth it's weight in gold... what kid wouldn't love to see the amazing attractions at the aquarium? Hope you get to check it out and enjoy.

I'll be preparing for a mid-term this week, as well as gathering my hostess supplies for my twin sisters 1st baby shower!!! How exciting that my niece will be here in about 8 or 9 weeks. Again, GOD is so good, what precious gifts he gives. I hope you and yours receive more blessing that you can handle :O)


P.S. Here is a picture of my lovely Dooley, he's bigger now, but here he is...


  1. what a cute doggie! olivia is just TOO pretty, love her blonde hair!!! can't wait to see pics of her in her 50's garb. you should just make you a skirt too, you can get poodle iron on's at joann's i'm sure!!

  2. Another great deal: If you join the Center of Puppetry Arts mailing list they occasionally have $5 shows which is a deal considering the normal ticket price is $15-20. Also, they just opened a new Children's Science museum in Cartersville. I'll let you know how it is once I take my little scientist there. :)