Sunday, February 22, 2009


A Time of Wonder

The Nugget.. she did not like being in that stroller...

Wow, what an amazing week-end. The hubs decided, as a Valentines day gift for Sugar Mama and the Nugget, to take advantage of the Mommy and me special at the Georgia Aquarium. We had never been and could not wait to see what all the fuss has been about. What an amazing place. It will never stop making me feel small to look at animals that GOD has created and think how small I am in the grand scheme of the universe. Sugar Mama was especially fond of the Whale Sharks and the Giant Sting Ray from the Ocean Voyager tank. We spent the entire day exploring, finished off with truly wonderful Varsity Hot dogs, and finally settled in after finishing our items for the baby shower the next day...

The Whale Shark

The Giant Sting Ray

Which is how we spent our Saturday. Let me introduce you to the twin.... that's how I'll refer to her ;O) Twin, since she was 16, has been told that she wouldn't be able to have children. No matter the age I imagine this is a life changing conversation, but at 16 that pretty much destroyed her. It didn't keep her from trying, but no matter what she did she wasn't able to conceive, even after taking medicine to control her insulin. About 8 months ago my brother announced that he would be adding grandchild number 3 to the mix. Naturally we were very thrilled for him, but felt a sense of sadness for the twin. But, GOD is always in control, and 3 weeks after my brother, the twin came up pregnant. What? My mother was stunned... the twin would be adding grandchild number 4 to the mix, 3 weeks after grandchild number 3 came in, and only 4 years after the first came along. Anyways we gathered yesterday to celebrate our Little Miracle... Here is the Twin opening a present...

After co-hosting this event, and staying up the night before until 1 am to finish a belly cake I made, at the Twins request, I was exhausted. I fell asleep early and even with a solid nights sleep; woke up this morning just not feeling it. Have you ever felt like that? I've mentioned before that lately my relationship with GOD has struggled, he's still there, I just feel distant sometimes. This morning it would have been all too easy to stay snuggled up in my warm sheets, hiding in the comforts he provided and fall short in giving him the glory and thanks deserved. But I didn't. That's a praise in itself.. I got up and went to my house of worship; exhaustion and all. GOD is always worth it, but from the warfare this morning I knew it would be extra worth it and it was. The sermon was about ONEness with my spouse and more importantly my Father. It gave weight to what I had already known, which was that I am spiritually lazy.... I'm not doing anything to reel in and return the joy of my salvation and today I really witnessed that... At the end of the service our Pastor of Music and a supporting cast lead a great song. As they played, couples crossed the stage with cardboard signs of struggles that have tested their relationships with GOD: Adultery, alcoholism, inability to conceive, worries over finance. As they crossed their worries were flipped in testimonies with supporting scripture. One of the signs read "She loves Jesus, and I didn't want him" That man got saved and is now a deacon in our church. It was moving and I found it hard to get control. As I left the Nugget in the nursery to go to Life Group (Sunday School) I still couldn't get my emotions under control, but managed just briefly.

As we sat in Life Group talking over other religions and their beliefs I felt a strong conviction to tell my Life Group about the blogs I have read recently. The ladies are all moms and while I barely knew them, I was hoping they could relate. I barely got one word out before the tears came. I do not like to cry in front of people, and often feel embarrassed after I have, but the Spirit was strong... their eyes were locked on mine as I had a mini-breakdown. I couldn't stop it... my heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest and for a second I almost let it slip by, but GOD lead a man to leave a prayer request and the beating was back, and this time I knew it was mine. In the end I felt vulnerable, and embarrassed, BUT felt closer to these people and hoped that my exposure would allow GOD to work deeper within me. This morning I wasn't feeling it, I was spent, frustrated, exhausted, and quite frankly over it. But GOD never let me down, and if you don't know him I invite you to send me an email at: and we can talk more about it, OR if you have a question please ask I'll do my best.

Today I am thankful for:

Music, what a wonderful way to express a soul.

Friends in trials and tribulation. Life is easier when I know I am not alone.

Trials and Tribulation. When I do good, evil is always present.

Family. I enjoyed a great lunch with The Twin, Mama J, and the rest of my fam.

A baby who sleeps through the night and says Mama all the time. She is a mama girl ;O)

My Father... it puts it into perspective when I realize I could have been born anywhere else, and lived forever not having known him. I am very undeserving, and eternally grateful.

Nan... I saw my grandmother yesterday.. here she is with the Nugget. I love her dearly.

I am also thankful for the rendition of "The 3 Little Pigs the Hubs and Sugar Mama are acting out in the living room right this second ;O)


  1. Glad to hear that you all had a wonderful time at the aquarium. Reece had a blast during our visit. I could actually see his little mind wheel turning with all the new information that he was receiving. :) Congratulations on you becoming a new aunt! Is your brother also having a daughter? I'll keep your twin in my prayers for a safe delivery.

  2. No my brother is having a little boy, so I will have one of each ;O) I am very excited. Thank you for prayers they are much needed.