Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pictures.. Updates..., etc.

I very much enjoyed your comment Lisa, thank you so much. It remains my goal to share our lives with one another and to know that I am not the only one who struggles daily, but loves the life God has given me regardless.

Having said that, I have missed out on a lot lately. I apologize for that. Brandi I will get back to you... I'm just not on the Internet ever... with the exceptions of when Mama J lets me visit and monopolize her computer for a while. We are trying to buy a house. This market is great for people trying to buy, bad for people who have never bought before. We are searching to be closer to Olivia's school, and re-redistricting has made it very difficult. But God will lead the way and we are meeting with agents, looking at houses, and praying that God will let us know when we have found the one.

But I know what you have been waiting for.... and here it is...My nephew was born March 25, 2009 at 6:10 pm, weighing in at 8 lbs. 3 oz. and 21.5 inches long. He is the cutest!!!
Here he is with his Daddy...

And now we're bonding...

And Mama J with her first Grandson

You may have noticed that I don't use full names.. and as of today I haven't given the nephew a nickname... any suggestions?

The niece will be here next Tuesday and I cannot wait.. Once again I will post pictures as soon as possible.

Today I will leave you with this photo. The Nugget kicked her shoes off and Sugar Mama was trying to put them back on until she realized the Nugget sits still for no one and she exclaimed that the Nugget was making her sooo angry. :O)

Today I am Thankful for:

Easter... through his blood I am saved. Thank you Lord for giving me the best gift.

Newborn babies... there is nothing in this world like it. The experience of going through it and watching it are inherently different, but life changing none the less.

Doctors... Sugar Mama has been on and off sick for weeks. I am glad the Lord saw fit to give them the knowledge to make my baby feel better.

And last but not least sisters who love each other... and they really love each other.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I Will Praise You While I Wait...

This has been true is many situations in my life and even so still. I often forget that when I ask the Lord for things that he doesn't always say yes, or give me an answer immediately. We, as a family, are anticipating many changes, but I'll Praise Him While I Wait.

No one has shared their stories... and as humbled as I am to admit it.. I miss being on the computer. I still don't have one, and are borrowing Mama J's at the moment. AND since I thanked those who left comments, NO ONE left anymore comments.... don't be afraid... share.. share.. No? Well that's ok too, I'll still keep writing to the grandparents who live 7 miles down the road and/or the ones who live on the other side of the country.

Us? Well we're anticipating the births of these babies finally. My brother's baby is scheduled to be delivered this week. I have given this great thought. They have asked me to be in the room, after much persuasion for me, and I am filled with more emotion that I thought possible. I am terribly excited and as equally terrified about not being a good aunt. I want desperately for these children to feel the way about, that I do about them. Either way GOD is good and I just want them to be healthy. Hopefully the next time I post I will post some pictures of my nephew.


The niece is scheduled for delivery 2 weeks from my nephews... it's going to be a big couple of weeks. This will be twins sisters baby. There are not words to describe the emotion behind that front, so I'll just say that I am equally excited about her arrival.

Easter is coming up and of course we are on the hunt for matching dresses. I find it incredible that I LOVE dressing my girls alike and they are not twins, and hated it when my mom did it to my sister and me, when we are twins... but I have great hopes of matching dresses, swimsuits, etc. I hope that as you shop and find your eggs, bunnies, candy and beautiful dresses that the true reason behind Easter finds it way into your lives. He rose, and Lives so that we may live eternally with him. What a gift, for which I am very unworthy.

What are your Easter plans? Church? Big Easter Egg Hunt? If you don't have any we will have a Spring Fling on Sunday March 29th at Ola High School with food, egg hunts, games, etc. Either way I hope Spring Break and Easter find you with tons of love, and fine fellowship with your families.

* Last But Certainly Not Least*
Have you seen Fireproof? If not you really should. What a wonderful lesson: The Love Dare. We are so focused on "Us" that we often forget to give credit to GOD, and the rest falls by the wayside. I highly recommend it for all couples.

Today I am Thankful For:

The babies coming into this family and the world. The Lord is good, it's that simple.

My husband: He is such a good man, and I love him EVERYDAY... GOD made him especially for me and I am beyond grateful!

Our Picnic at the Park. Mama J suggested a wonderfully fun afternoon with the family and it makes my heart swell to see where we have been and where we are going. Again, the Lord is good, it's just that simple.

All of you who read and follow this blog. I like reading the few comments left, and feeling like we're telling each other stories.

The ability to stay with my children everyday. Other people, and sometimes even I, call our decision into question b/c in order for me to stay at home we sacrifice a lot. But, everyday GOD provides our every need, the other stuff is not important and if it is; will come in when necessary.

Exercise: Just recently I started this and some days I HATE it, but most often I love what it provides. Thanks to the quite 30 minutes of exercise everyday I feel like I new person.

Have a Great Week... comment, email, whatever. Hopefully when we see each other next I will be introducing you to my very first nephew.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Trouble Trouble, Trial and Trouble

What is the deal with my computer? I swear everytime I turn around that thing crashes.. and Mama J has been gracious enough to let me check on the information highway from her house every so often. I miss reading everyones comments and seeing who has been on, but until I can fix it, sporadic visits must do.

How have you been? Anything exciting going on? Tell me about it... I need some entertainment. Me? Well besides being the domestic robot GOD intended me to be I am currently Re-reading the Twilight Series.. I read it once, but was so anxious to find out how it turned out I skimmed most of it.. now I'm back reading everyword.. that is really hard :O)

The Nugget is cutting more teeth, which makes her cranky... but she's still sleeping and there are praises to be found if we look for them. I praise him for the sleep, even in the midst of killer teeth.

Sugar Mama is very excited to be writing her name. Granted the explanation must be in Circles, straight down, etc, and it does look a tad like a 3 year old wrote it, but I display it with pride on the fridge either way. This makes her happy and proud, and what other job do I have besides that?

The Twin... and my brother who is 5 years younger than me, we will call him Topher; are expecting babies within 2 weeks of each other. Now it can be any time and we (the hubs, myself, and the girls) are anxiously awaiting the births of our neice and nephew.. One of each.. GOD is so good to me ;O) because of course these babies are all about my preference. Ha! Please pray.. the nephew is closer to being full term so we would like for him to come first, and the niece needs more time.... everything happens in GOD's time, boy do I know that, but I hope he keeps her in there a little longer.
Speaking from experience there is NOTHING worse, in my world, than leaving my daughters in the NICU after I left. I did it with both of them and letting the nugget cry it out does not even compare to the holes left in my chest for days during and after that episode.

I had some AwEsOmE pictures to post, but alas my computer needs to see the doctor and I am not sure if Mama J's computer is compatible with my memory card... something to look into.

AH!! The hubs is taking his final this Monday.. meaning he will finish his 5 years worth of school. He has worked so hard and I just could not be more proud!!! He'll be a regular Electrician now... Yay Hubs!!!

Either way... let me know your thoughts, adventures, whatever in your comments. I love reading them and it's lets me know you are reading and that makes me feel like I contribute to the world.

Have a great week - end. And I hope to see/read you soon!!!

Today I am thankful for:

Sugar Mama and the Nugget holding hands in the car. They are incredibly sweet, Lord please let them stay that way.

The Wii Fit Hula Hoop: Talk about your work outs.

The Booster seat: Freeing parents since 2009.. or atleast me.

Sleeping until 8:00... that's like sleeping til' noon to me.

All of you who read this blog... thanks for making me feel like someone out there is hearing what I am saying and does not want to follow it up with.. "But Why Mama".

Friday, March 6, 2009

Welcome to Who-K

As promised here is Cindy Woo Who... Sugar Mama cannot say her L's so she uses W's instead.. which is how it came out as Cindy Woo Who...

Have a Wonderful Who Weekend..

Today I am thankful for:

Childhood: Can you remember any other time when $40 seemed like you could buy the world? Sugar mama is convinced she can :O)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Spreading the Love....

Wow thanks to all of you who left the comments, I'm feeling the love :O)

Today we are visiting the twin. She has been on bed rest for almost 2 weeks now and has started to feel "like a leper".. no one visits her. So Sugar Mama, The Nugget and I packed up the car for a much needed visit, and she is thrilled :O)

We have discussed the upcoming weeks and how she is nervous and ready for this be over... she has reached the moment when she is "over it" and while she wants her baby to be healthy obviously... she is ready to meet her. And quite frankly the several dr. appointments are driving her nuts. When you pray remember her.. it's getting close and if you have children you remember that time.. nothing like meeting the person who has been invading your body for months.

*George Update*

No more George... wow what a trouper George the Snowman was... he held on, even shedding tons of weight to be a waif snowman, but alas today he is a "wittle" snowman who stands no taller than a foot. We will be sad to see him go. Afterall, we Georgians shut down the city when we have enough snow to build an actual person. See you next Winter/Spring George.... hybernate well!!!

I hope you checked out the Card Board Testimonies. If you couldn't will you let me know? And if you did will you also let me know how you did? I had someone tell me that they couldn't find them on you tube.

Thanks to Heather for being Ok with me posting her youtube video. I forgot to ask, BUT it is better to ask for forgiveness than permisson ;O) (Ha, Just Kidding, well... sort of)
Tomorrow we will be a Cindy Loo Who from the Dr. Suess books and Sugar Mama is too excited!!! She can't remember who she will be, only that she is to be someone... "Who are going to be mama"? Look for pictures to come...

I hope everyone has a great weekend and thanks to all who have read and left comments. It means someone is reading and that's wonderful.

Today I am thankful for:
Visits with the twin: she is not really a leper.

The excitement of wearing a costume... I wear one daily... It's called housewife ;O)

The Nuggets excitement and involvement with the Miracles toys... hooray for baby swings that hold bigger babies.

Thursday: They are my favorite.. when I'm in school it is the last day of the week, Sugar Mama does not have school, so we sleep in late, and my house work for the week is done!!!! Bring on the weekend.

Paper: It means the Nugget also known as a goat will never be hungry. Don't worry we "fish hook" her as her daddy says... meaning we always get it out.

Door Stoppers: They Supply the Nugget with endless fun.. who knew?

Tom and Jerry: Sugar Mama feels like she discovered the new world... again who knew? She loves old school cartoons :O)

Lunches with the fam: We will be at Mama J's house this Sunday, after church, for lunch... it sure to be fun for all. And there will be food, enough said.

Lastly for my friends and family.. Heather and the Rest.. I love you beyond words.

Mimi and Papa D... we're so glad you can see us everyday.. we love you too!!

Grandma and Grandpa.. all the way in California/Nevada... thanks for sharing in our lives.. I hope you're reading.

Mama J and the Twin: there is never a shortage in laughs or love... what a life.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Marching Into Madness...

So it's March and according to the Groundhog a month ago we should have an early spring. I guess he didn't catch a glimpse of the "blizzard" that was to come through. That is how we like it here... get in and get out.. and alas snow for just one day.

Our Snowman George... the Georgia Bulldog Snowman has survived the melting. According to the Hubs he made him nice and big so he would survive well past this point. Sugar Mama has been checking on George religiously, and has been pleased to find him standing in the front yard, wearing his garb, and giving half a smile (the other part of his mouth fell off as it was melting). According to her he is staying snowy. She isn't familiar with her school schedule so she doesn't know she had a snowday yesterday, and didn't get to enjoy because the snow was melting. Again... Just one day.

The Nugget could care less. She took her first 3 hour nap yesterday and I woke her up because I was so afraid that she wasn't breathing I "broke" into her room to check her back; she heard me come in and popped up. I wonder how long she would have slept? Either way the Sleep Training has worked... she is sleeping 10 - 12 hours a night, Can you Say AMAZING?

Nice to see you again rest, sleep, and dreams... it's been a while.

Did you watch the Bachelor? I have not watched that show all season, but caught the last 30 mintues of the all night event.


First of all I KNEW I had seen the Melissa girl before... she was/is a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader and was on the show about making the team... but most importantly she was angry. And the other girl was stunned... Who was she looking at in the "audience"? Was there anyone there? Good Luck Bachelor... the path beaten before you doesn't bode well....

American Idol tonight... Any Favorites? I haven't watched a full season yet, and I don't think this season will be any different, but I enjoy the girl who covered the Heart Song "Alone"... I love 80's music.. And I like the "Rough Neck" and the Stay at Home Mom.. Can we get a shout out?

Either way I am looking forward to a night of vegging out in front of the television. The Nugget is Crusing now... why must she do everything so fast? And Sugar Mama is excited about Dr. Suess Week at school.. Yesterday was his birthday.


And because of his birthday she gets to dress like a Who on Friday... any suggestions? They aren't really different, just crazy hair right?

Today I am Thankful for:

Pledge: That stuff really works on the wood.

Comet: Clean bathrooms are a gift from GOD

Mama J: She is, without a doubt, and never failing, a great Mother... she picks her battles wisely.

The Twin: She's going to let me be in the room when she has the Little M. Again Any Suggestions?

The Hubs: He works so hard to support this family, often dealing without proper sleep and never says a word.

Sugar Mama: All she needs in life to make her happy is Farmer Clothes, a blue jacket, and lipstick (lip gloss).

The Nugget: Her screeches of joy make me smile everytime.

No Homework: Spring Break next week and there are no assignments due. Yay!!

*Please say a prayer for a family friend... Her husband has been diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's Disease. They have given him 4 years to live. The diagnoses is upsetting enough but he will eventually lose control of all of the muscles in his body. GOD is in control everyday, may his will be done and a blanket of comfort and grace be placed upon that family. He hears us when we pray.. And what we ask in his name he will do... We need only belive in the powers of his promises*

I leave you today with The Leaf Party..

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Snow Day... in GeOrGiA ?!?

Sugar Mama and her first snowball.

The Nugget.. enjoying her first snow.

She's taking a good look, who knows when it will be back.

Dooley gettting in on the fun :O)

Cheese... I am so excited about the snow!!!!

Sugar Mama and Daddy Making a Snowman.

Sugar Mama and her very FiRsT Snowman!!! He's a Georgia Bulldog Snowman :O)

*Daddy hit Sugar Mama with a snow ball and she replied "Oh No You Did Not" *