Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Marching Into Madness...

So it's March and according to the Groundhog a month ago we should have an early spring. I guess he didn't catch a glimpse of the "blizzard" that was to come through. That is how we like it here... get in and get out.. and alas snow for just one day.

Our Snowman George... the Georgia Bulldog Snowman has survived the melting. According to the Hubs he made him nice and big so he would survive well past this point. Sugar Mama has been checking on George religiously, and has been pleased to find him standing in the front yard, wearing his garb, and giving half a smile (the other part of his mouth fell off as it was melting). According to her he is staying snowy. She isn't familiar with her school schedule so she doesn't know she had a snowday yesterday, and didn't get to enjoy because the snow was melting. Again... Just one day.

The Nugget could care less. She took her first 3 hour nap yesterday and I woke her up because I was so afraid that she wasn't breathing I "broke" into her room to check her back; she heard me come in and popped up. I wonder how long she would have slept? Either way the Sleep Training has worked... she is sleeping 10 - 12 hours a night, Can you Say AMAZING?

Nice to see you again rest, sleep, and dreams... it's been a while.

Did you watch the Bachelor? I have not watched that show all season, but caught the last 30 mintues of the all night event.


First of all I KNEW I had seen the Melissa girl before... she was/is a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader and was on the show about making the team... but most importantly she was angry. And the other girl was stunned... Who was she looking at in the "audience"? Was there anyone there? Good Luck Bachelor... the path beaten before you doesn't bode well....

American Idol tonight... Any Favorites? I haven't watched a full season yet, and I don't think this season will be any different, but I enjoy the girl who covered the Heart Song "Alone"... I love 80's music.. And I like the "Rough Neck" and the Stay at Home Mom.. Can we get a shout out?

Either way I am looking forward to a night of vegging out in front of the television. The Nugget is Crusing now... why must she do everything so fast? And Sugar Mama is excited about Dr. Suess Week at school.. Yesterday was his birthday.


And because of his birthday she gets to dress like a Who on Friday... any suggestions? They aren't really different, just crazy hair right?

Today I am Thankful for:

Pledge: That stuff really works on the wood.

Comet: Clean bathrooms are a gift from GOD

Mama J: She is, without a doubt, and never failing, a great Mother... she picks her battles wisely.

The Twin: She's going to let me be in the room when she has the Little M. Again Any Suggestions?

The Hubs: He works so hard to support this family, often dealing without proper sleep and never says a word.

Sugar Mama: All she needs in life to make her happy is Farmer Clothes, a blue jacket, and lipstick (lip gloss).

The Nugget: Her screeches of joy make me smile everytime.

No Homework: Spring Break next week and there are no assignments due. Yay!!

*Please say a prayer for a family friend... Her husband has been diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's Disease. They have given him 4 years to live. The diagnoses is upsetting enough but he will eventually lose control of all of the muscles in his body. GOD is in control everyday, may his will be done and a blanket of comfort and grace be placed upon that family. He hears us when we pray.. And what we ask in his name he will do... We need only belive in the powers of his promises*

I leave you today with The Leaf Party..

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  1. We did crazy who hair at the nieces b-day party. Put their hair in two pony tails first. Then we took colored pipe cleaners, mainly pink, red and white..twisted them through pieces of their hair. We could bend them and make them twisted and all kinds of crazy things. We put foamies on the end. They were doing crazy princess hair, so we put like crowns and castles and such...it turned out really cute! GOOD luck...im sure she will be too cute!!