Thursday, March 5, 2009

Spreading the Love....

Wow thanks to all of you who left the comments, I'm feeling the love :O)

Today we are visiting the twin. She has been on bed rest for almost 2 weeks now and has started to feel "like a leper".. no one visits her. So Sugar Mama, The Nugget and I packed up the car for a much needed visit, and she is thrilled :O)

We have discussed the upcoming weeks and how she is nervous and ready for this be over... she has reached the moment when she is "over it" and while she wants her baby to be healthy obviously... she is ready to meet her. And quite frankly the several dr. appointments are driving her nuts. When you pray remember her.. it's getting close and if you have children you remember that time.. nothing like meeting the person who has been invading your body for months.

*George Update*

No more George... wow what a trouper George the Snowman was... he held on, even shedding tons of weight to be a waif snowman, but alas today he is a "wittle" snowman who stands no taller than a foot. We will be sad to see him go. Afterall, we Georgians shut down the city when we have enough snow to build an actual person. See you next Winter/Spring George.... hybernate well!!!

I hope you checked out the Card Board Testimonies. If you couldn't will you let me know? And if you did will you also let me know how you did? I had someone tell me that they couldn't find them on you tube.

Thanks to Heather for being Ok with me posting her youtube video. I forgot to ask, BUT it is better to ask for forgiveness than permisson ;O) (Ha, Just Kidding, well... sort of)
Tomorrow we will be a Cindy Loo Who from the Dr. Suess books and Sugar Mama is too excited!!! She can't remember who she will be, only that she is to be someone... "Who are going to be mama"? Look for pictures to come...

I hope everyone has a great weekend and thanks to all who have read and left comments. It means someone is reading and that's wonderful.

Today I am thankful for:
Visits with the twin: she is not really a leper.

The excitement of wearing a costume... I wear one daily... It's called housewife ;O)

The Nuggets excitement and involvement with the Miracles toys... hooray for baby swings that hold bigger babies.

Thursday: They are my favorite.. when I'm in school it is the last day of the week, Sugar Mama does not have school, so we sleep in late, and my house work for the week is done!!!! Bring on the weekend.

Paper: It means the Nugget also known as a goat will never be hungry. Don't worry we "fish hook" her as her daddy says... meaning we always get it out.

Door Stoppers: They Supply the Nugget with endless fun.. who knew?

Tom and Jerry: Sugar Mama feels like she discovered the new world... again who knew? She loves old school cartoons :O)

Lunches with the fam: We will be at Mama J's house this Sunday, after church, for lunch... it sure to be fun for all. And there will be food, enough said.

Lastly for my friends and family.. Heather and the Rest.. I love you beyond words.

Mimi and Papa D... we're so glad you can see us everyday.. we love you too!!

Grandma and Grandpa.. all the way in California/Nevada... thanks for sharing in our lives.. I hope you're reading.

Mama J and the Twin: there is never a shortage in laughs or love... what a life.

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