Thursday, March 12, 2009

Trouble Trouble, Trial and Trouble

What is the deal with my computer? I swear everytime I turn around that thing crashes.. and Mama J has been gracious enough to let me check on the information highway from her house every so often. I miss reading everyones comments and seeing who has been on, but until I can fix it, sporadic visits must do.

How have you been? Anything exciting going on? Tell me about it... I need some entertainment. Me? Well besides being the domestic robot GOD intended me to be I am currently Re-reading the Twilight Series.. I read it once, but was so anxious to find out how it turned out I skimmed most of it.. now I'm back reading everyword.. that is really hard :O)

The Nugget is cutting more teeth, which makes her cranky... but she's still sleeping and there are praises to be found if we look for them. I praise him for the sleep, even in the midst of killer teeth.

Sugar Mama is very excited to be writing her name. Granted the explanation must be in Circles, straight down, etc, and it does look a tad like a 3 year old wrote it, but I display it with pride on the fridge either way. This makes her happy and proud, and what other job do I have besides that?

The Twin... and my brother who is 5 years younger than me, we will call him Topher; are expecting babies within 2 weeks of each other. Now it can be any time and we (the hubs, myself, and the girls) are anxiously awaiting the births of our neice and nephew.. One of each.. GOD is so good to me ;O) because of course these babies are all about my preference. Ha! Please pray.. the nephew is closer to being full term so we would like for him to come first, and the niece needs more time.... everything happens in GOD's time, boy do I know that, but I hope he keeps her in there a little longer.
Speaking from experience there is NOTHING worse, in my world, than leaving my daughters in the NICU after I left. I did it with both of them and letting the nugget cry it out does not even compare to the holes left in my chest for days during and after that episode.

I had some AwEsOmE pictures to post, but alas my computer needs to see the doctor and I am not sure if Mama J's computer is compatible with my memory card... something to look into.

AH!! The hubs is taking his final this Monday.. meaning he will finish his 5 years worth of school. He has worked so hard and I just could not be more proud!!! He'll be a regular Electrician now... Yay Hubs!!!

Either way... let me know your thoughts, adventures, whatever in your comments. I love reading them and it's lets me know you are reading and that makes me feel like I contribute to the world.

Have a great week - end. And I hope to see/read you soon!!!

Today I am thankful for:

Sugar Mama and the Nugget holding hands in the car. They are incredibly sweet, Lord please let them stay that way.

The Wii Fit Hula Hoop: Talk about your work outs.

The Booster seat: Freeing parents since 2009.. or atleast me.

Sleeping until 8:00... that's like sleeping til' noon to me.

All of you who read this blog... thanks for making me feel like someone out there is hearing what I am saying and does not want to follow it up with.. "But Why Mama".

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