Monday, April 13, 2009

Jesus Brings the Rain....And today it's in abundance.

This is Sugar Mama with her "Peeps" glasses from Memaw and Pawpaw.
It has been very rainy and windy today. I heard someone say this morning "It's like we live in Seattle". Unfortunately we will still be in a drought this summer, but God is providing and the flowers and plants are growing. ~April Showers bring May Flowers~

We had a wonderful Easter, I hope you did too. This was the first year that we have not participated in a Sunrise service and I missed the experience. Also, as you are also, I am used to hearing a good service over the death, burial and resurrection of my Savior, we listened to another service, good in it's own right, but rejoiced none the less in my very ALiVe Savior.

I wanted to share these pics with you... Sugar Mama and the Nugget enjoying Easter Egg Hunt and The Nugget's first Easter. Enjoy.
Today I am Thankful for:

Go Fish: Uncle S teaching Sugar Mama how to play.. she exclaimed she is the "chamun".. Champion.

Sugar Mama's very tender heart.. I caught her having a conversation with her teacher today and she felt so guilty she burst into tears and the story simultaneously.

The Hubs: He is keeping the Nugget this morning while I spend time with the Twin, and M & M, and therefore no jealousy, but I miss her terribly.

Three Nails and a Cross: Do you ever wonder what life, or this world would be like if Jesus did not accept that challenge, or if the Jews had accepted him first? I do... and I thank him all the time for a paying a debt I could never repay. It's more than pastel eggs, candy, bunnies and baskets.. it's a very real scene.. battered, bruised and broken, but alive, and redeemed.
He has Risen, just as he said.

Bunny Ears

Finding Eggs

Can you see me? Yeah? haha I'm funny.

Ohhh I found one too.

Baby's first Easter.. God is Good.

M & M sleeping.. isn't she a gem?
I didn't see the nephew this weekend, b/c his daddy was working, but rest assured I will get more pictures soon.

When you pray tonight, today, or whenever.. please mention the name Stellan... God knows all about it, and he is a little boy with a family who needs our prayers.

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