Sunday, April 5, 2009

You're Grace is Here with me...

Phil Wickham has the greatest song.. in case you didn't know that is the song that is playing when you read the blogs. Thank you so much to those of you who commented on my nephew... I think he quite frankly the cutest nephew there ever was.. or will be ;O) He has been an angel since coming home and his mother and my brother are very glad for that.

The Twin is set to deliver her little miracle on Tuesday. Wow, sometimes I amazed at how the Lord brings us full circle and we don't stop to think of it. I've mentioned before that the Twin has been told for as long as I can remember that she can not have children. Then about 2 weeks after my brother announced he was pregnant, the Twin came up preggo also. To say it has been busy has been an understatement. Mama J has been the busiest... her time is in very high demand these days. But it meant 2 baby showers with in a month of each other and that took a lot of planning and dedication. And here we are...

My nephew was born almost 2 weeks to the day that my niece will be born. They ran 2 weeks apart for months and they continue....
I have wondered often over the past couple of days how the Twin feels... I can only draw from my own experience with Sugar Mama and the Nugget and how there are not words to describe meeting the little one you have protected and grown for months. She says she is not nervous over delivery... just the hospital letting her take her baby home :O)
And that she had a dream recently, a very vivid dream, that showed her the delivery... but never her babies face. God saves those moments for when they will matter most.

I am nervous and excited for her. I will, without a doubt, cry my eyes out just as I did for the nephew.. and for a dream finally realized. With a person who has been told for so long that children aren't a possibility, she has mentioned ever so briefly that she just wants her to be healthy. I know she worries about ALL of the complications and she is almost to the finish line... it's her race to finish, but I'll be holding her hand for as long as she wants. The process of watching these children be born is amazing... truly a miracle, and the Lord has blessed me with family members who are giving.. I was not so giving :O)

Having said that.. Sugar Mama is on Spring Break this week, and Mama J will not be able to stay with the Twin until the following week... so ... the girls and I are up for the challenge.. we are going to be helping all next week. The Nuggets birthday is coming.. she was 11 months old Saturday, where has the time gone? And about 6 weeks after that it will be Sugar Mama's birthday. She recently told Mama J that she would like for people to buy the nephew some toys and she would give them to him, and also daddy a new clean bicycle... sometimes her generosity overwhelms me. With registering for Summer/Fall, and finishing this last semester at school we are a busy bunch, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Today I am thankful for:

The short time before bed that I can spend with Sugar Mama: She loves for us to read her a book, and then to re-read the book to us... she is very good, but my favorite part is her prayers. I wonder, Does the Lord, and Jesus weep with pride as she utters the names of her family members and friends in true spirit and love, like I do?

The Twin....she is letting me in on a very private moment... I will cherish it.

Mama J: She cooks Sunday lunch every week, is always showering my children with love and support, and never requires anything more than time spent...

The Airport: For providing the hubs with work...

Matching clothes: Sugar Mama and the Nugget match often, much to their chagrin, but I love it, NOW, I hated it when Mama J did it to the Twin and Me.

Sorry I do not have any new pictures... I haven't taken any, but I will have more to post soon :O)

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