Saturday, May 30, 2009

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder...

Wow... have you missed me? I have missed you. It has been some good times. Last week we had our end of the year party... how sad. We were sad to see the school year end, but Mrs. Lisa is ours for life, so not much to be sad about. Last week was also our 5 year anniversary. It seems like a lifetime ago that we stood before our family and friends, but it's been 5 wonderful years instead. I looked through our wedding photos and what a wonderful keepsake... so many wonderful memories. Sugar Mama thinks that all photos of us dressed up are from when we got married.... she is fascinated with the story.

I got BEAUTIFUL flowers... 5 dozen to be exact... 4 dozen roses and 1 dozen calallies... is that how you spell that? Anyways the hubs took me to Six Flags... are you thinking that's lame? I hope not, because it was AwEsOmE!!! We haven't been in years and the weather was perfect... so perfect that there were not many people there and the longest we waited in line was for 20 minutes. We rode the Goliath first... not the first ride to enjoy after a long hiatus from roller coasters... it was terrifying but the trip was wonderful and so much fun. My in-laws kept the girls and both parties loved it so much... Sugar Mama was especially excited about them spending the night. Thanks Mimi and Papa D!

Sugar Mama went for cheer leading this morning. We are on the Alabama squad... Can you believe that? We are Georgia through and through and the first time my daughter yells out "Roll Tide" other than at her game it's gonna be a smack down in our house. But what are we to do? She looked so cute up there going through her motions (or trying at least) so we're going to stick through the horror of paying money for the horrendous uniform to be made. Boo! At least Pops (my paw paw) will like it.. it's where he's from.

So it's summer... School just started for me and I'm loving it. My hubs payed my tuition on the sly, so I was already surprised to go, but I LOVE school... it's a nerd thing, but I realized today that I don't have much longer and then I need to go full time... what then? I had not planned on going full time until the Nugget was in Kindergarten... that will be 3 years of waiting... huh?

So what are you up to this summer? What about you Kristen... do they have summer in Oregon ;O)? And Grandma and Grandpa ya'll have summer year long, anything special? Like maybe a visit to see us? I'm just kidding I know the dogs (children) can't travel, maybe we can come to see you? Either way I'd love to know what cool plans you have.
We're going on vacay at the end of the summer semester before Sugar Mama and I go back to school, otherwise it's Chemistry, visits with our favorites.. the fam, our 3-k, the park, movies, zoo, etc.

Today I am thankful for:

This beautiful day: it's been so hot, but we could live where it's cold all the time.

The lesson I learned at cheer leading this morning. Sometimes I will stand on the outside, but as long as Sugar Mama has fun and learns, well then, that's all I can ask.

Love you all!!!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

You Waited and I've Delivered....

As promised here are the pics from the Nuggets birthday.... Enjoy, and trust me the cake was much prettier this way!

It is almost the last day of school, can you believe it? We are sad to see it go, but excited for the start of summer. We will certainly miss Mrs. Lisa and Mrs. Chris, but I don't think our friendships will end there... they love BoTh of my girls way too much, and of course they love them right back! :O)

Sugar Mama's birthday is right around the corner, we are excited about our visit to the water park. Yeah I know... way over board, but she's so thrilled.

Sugar Mama is also signing up for cheerleading next week, if they have a spot open, and I can't tell you how excited I am about this... it's in her blood!!!!

Are you excited for summer? I am, and not just for the break but because I learned today that I WILL get to go to school over the summer... wow, I can't tell you what the Hubs' effort on that issue means to me... sometimes he just gets it right... today was one of those day.

Today I am thankful for:

The Hubs: He doesn't always understand where they come from but never the less he gets those emotions and goes beyond the call of duty to make it matter, when he knows it's important. Sometimes I want to poke him the eyes, but mostly I wonder how I got to be so lucky... Did you know that Friday is our 5 year anniversary? And the anniversary of us being together 7 1/2 years? Seriously we married 2 1/2 years to the day we decided to be boyfriend and girlfriend. Ha!

Love you all, have a great weekend, and a safe memorial day!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

What a Mess

I am not, by all accounts, a confrontational person. You can say what you wish about me, and believe me most people do. For instance. I have OCD and while I love Dooley dearly, his dog hair is a big issue for me. He is short haired, but has recently shed his winter coat all over my house, in my car, etc. I said something to the hubs early Tuesday morning because I really need a solution to this problem before it gets out of hand. At the doctor's office, that very same morning, as I was putting the nugget into the scale, the nurse asked me if I had a dog. "Yeah I do" I replied. "I could tell from all the dog hair you have on you"... SeRiOuSlY?!? Was it necessary? Did I comment about the fact that I woke up early to get here, only to discover that your computers were down and you might not even see me... with a 1 and 4 year old in tow? No I did not, instead I just laughed and went on with the appointment.

Another case in point I took my paper products to Publix early last week so I could coordinate with the decorator about a cake for the Nugget's party. She was completely rude, acted as though I had interrupted her busy day by asking her, what she assured me on the phone could be done, about this cake. I left irritated... silent, but irritated, and with the promise of a good cake.

In my town yesterday, I had a party for the Nugget. In my town yesterday it felt as though we were in a tornado. I went early to set up the party stuff, and all day it felt great. About the start of the party the wind picked up... Dorothy in Kansas style. No rain, so taking it in doors was not even a thought. I also sent directions out with my invitations, which were not good enough and I was fussed at because people had a hard time finding the park. (Next time I won't give that courtesy and when they can't find it, well it's just their fault huh?) On top of that whole mess, my daughter, the birthday girl was over an hour late for her own party. Why? Well let me tell you...

Rude Publix bakery lady DID NOT in any shape, form, fashion, follow my directions about this cake. I left my plates, with bears on them as a resource, and they put clowns. I requested NO writing on this cake, it read Happy Birthday. I asked for Dark Pink, and Lime Green, they used Yellow. I had shared my story about rude Publix bakery lady with the hubs, so when he went to pick up the cake, he was over run with irritation. He asked them to re-do it, take the writing, etc., and he and the Nugget showed up 1 hour late to the party. I was assisting Sugar Mama in the bathroom, wandered up to the table to ask him what took him so long, and my eyes fell on this butt-ugly cake. I know it's a terrible way to describe it, but it was all white with the tiny, faint pink, green and yellow circles. It was butt ugly.

This was the straw that broke the camel's back. I called the management for Publix and LoSt My MiNd. I was screaming... I can't explain what happened only that I have spent so much of my life allowing others to get by with pretty much everything that this was a defining moment. The Christian thing would have been to eat the cake and chalk it up to a mistake. I did not take that route. My money was refunded, with sincere apologies, and lots of missed words and awkward silences, because my anger reverberated through the phone, and she even offered to have someone deliver another cake...after I asked her to come and pick up this "butt ugly one" because I did not want to serve it to my guests.

The Nugget was once again, none the wiser, and once it was done we continued with the party. It was a mess. I am not sure I had enough food, the cake was "butt ugly", and they didn't include a cake cutter with the cake, and people had to leave because we had taken so long. This was frustrating in more ways than one because I am usually OvErLy prepared, and over board on all things birthday party. At the end of the day I laughed hysterically at how wrong it had all gone, and how much I would have to write in the Nugget's baby book. I can't post pictures because I forgot my camera, I know right? Fortunately, the Twin had hers and she has the pictures. I'll post soon.

And so ends the rant of the first birthday party. Have a great mother's day. :O)

Friday, May 8, 2009

This one if for you Grandpa and Grandma

Monday was the Nugget's actual birthday. She was none the wiser. But because I must celebrate all things ONE, Sugar Mama and I baked her some cup cakes as a preview to her smasher cake at the party. She did not disappoint. This was a standard cupcake, and she made a mess. She ate all of it, but destroyed it in the process. Tomorrow promises to be a lot of fun.

P.S. the Hubs made this one from a candle shaped into an I. Pretty crafty huh?

Grandma and Grandpa can't be here, but we miss them just the same... enjoy and we will post some after the party tomorrow.

This is Dooley. I've posted about him before. He's our baby Olde English Bulldog, who thinks for whatever reason; he is a lap dog. Clearly he's not, but he is sweet and I had to share him, if just for a moment.

Sugar Mama picked strawberries at the farm. You should check it out if you live locally. Southern Belle farms. The strawberries are very reasonably priced, and of good quality.

Are you out there? I have posted before about the comments left, but you stop commenting, when I comment about you commenting..... Plemons women I know you are reading, sign up and follow, please?

No? That's ok I'll stick with knowing in my heart you look at the blog everyday.

Either way I hope you all have a great Mother's Day.

Today I am thankful for:

Mothers: For my own, the ones who came before me, those who impacted my life, and the two sweet girls who made me a mother just a short time ago.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Soundtracks of our Lives...

You may have noticed that I changed my song AgAiN... I know, I know. I heard this song on 104.7 the Fish the other day I sat in the parking lot of CVS listening for the artist. At the time the memory of this song fluttered just out of my grasp, until I opened my email this morning. My uncle sent me a link to a video where this song played as the sound track. I recognized it immediately. My home church had done a skit before, exactly like this one. Over all we are a relatively quiet church in the way of shouting, speaking in tongues, etc., Are you asking your self What?!? No, not you Plemons' I know you know what I'm talking about :o). Anyways, on this day, our entire church errupted in applause and tiny shouts. It's hard not to be moved, or to recognize a little bit of yourself in the struggles represented.

Search for lifehouse everything skit and the skit and music will play.

If you watch will you let me know what you think, or if you are watching again.. what did you feel? Me? Well thank you for asking ;O)... It reminds me that in our darkest day we are never alone... he's fighting our battles either right there with his, raising his sword, or simply carrying us through the fire; for we are too weary to carry on, no matter what he never leaves us.

I never left, for at the time that you saw only one set of footprints, it was when I carried you.

May you be carried, and never left alone.

The soundtrack of my life is going to take an Ipod touch... How many songs does that thing hold? I hope A LOT....

Sunday, May 3, 2009

I Will Rise Up...

I am a bit obsessed with music... if you did not know that already. I can remember a lot of significant moments in my life based on music. A couple of notes can take me back to that place, those smells, that emotion. So my worship experience is heightened by music, and the Hubs just turned me on to this new song by Chris Tomlin called "I Will Rise Up"... it's really good and so true. It goes along nicely with a sermon I heard just this morning.

On Sunday mornings on my way to church I listen to a local christian station. On this station they broadcast from a church here in Georgia, although I do not know where, I do know that the pastors name is Benny. Today Benny preached about a young man that he had invited, several time, to church. The man always had an excuse, but Benny always asked. Benny got a call one day from the Emergency Room of a hospital, this man had been in an accident and wasn't doing well. He went, but the man did not survive. This man's mom asked Benny to preach the funeral and Benny accepted. He went to the viewing and at the "Final Viewing" he watched as the room took one last look at the young man lying in the casket. According to this sermon, this man was about 23 when he died. Benny says that at the "final viewing" this man's mom went to her son and looked. She picked him up and pulled him into a hug... she kissed his cheek, and then put him back in the casket as was before. She then turned around and looked at Benny and said "Benny... my baby is in hell"... It was over whelming. I associate all of those things with my own children and the tears were out before I could reel them back. I literally had to take a moment to get my composure back.

That would be the end of it. There is no promise to see those who are not saved once this world is gone. Only those whose names are written in the Lamb's Book of Life will meet together on that day and rejoice in the presence of the one who saved them. It's been said that when this life is over we aren't looking over our loved one's from heaven because the pain of this world can't be in heaven. There is no pain, no sorrow there. We can't look down and see that our loved ones suffer. Imagine, on that day, looking around for your family. Looking for your aunt, uncle, mom, dad, grandparents, etc., and knowing they aren't there... heartbreaking doesn't even cover it. So the only time we have to share our testimonies is here. If saved, once you or I leave, we won't know those who don't' make it, only share the joy with those who do.

I am saved. I can only speak for my heart, but I do know a lot of people who are not. This is heart breaking for me. I've read revelations and I know what happens... if you haven't you should. It's hard, but if you are looking for a fire to start your witnessing, read, and then imagine the ones you love enduring that, and still not going to heaven. It is almost to unbearable to think that if my own loved ones don't hear the word and believe we will separate one day, but the witness is still there, for that matter it's HERE. One day I will rise up.. I hope to see you there.

Are you Saved? Don't know how to be? Read Romans in the bible... and ask me about the ABC's. Email me

On a lighter note, the day has come... The Nugget will be 1 tomorrow. (sigh) Happy Birthday to the her.

Today I am Thankful for:

The invasion of my life from the Nugget one year ago. I couldn't imagine having 2 children, and not I can not remember a time when I didn't.

The mini-vacay I am enjoying from school. Summer break until May 27th.

Lifegroup: Most days it's hit or miss.. today it was a hit.

The senses, ability to walk and talk, etc. All of things in my life that I take for granted everyday.

The Nugget's birthday party. It will be an opportunity to spend time with people we haven't seen in a while.

I will post pictures soon of the Nugget's actual birthday. Sugar Mama and I will be making cupcakes tomorrow and she will have her first one before dinner. :O)