Saturday, May 30, 2009

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder...

Wow... have you missed me? I have missed you. It has been some good times. Last week we had our end of the year party... how sad. We were sad to see the school year end, but Mrs. Lisa is ours for life, so not much to be sad about. Last week was also our 5 year anniversary. It seems like a lifetime ago that we stood before our family and friends, but it's been 5 wonderful years instead. I looked through our wedding photos and what a wonderful keepsake... so many wonderful memories. Sugar Mama thinks that all photos of us dressed up are from when we got married.... she is fascinated with the story.

I got BEAUTIFUL flowers... 5 dozen to be exact... 4 dozen roses and 1 dozen calallies... is that how you spell that? Anyways the hubs took me to Six Flags... are you thinking that's lame? I hope not, because it was AwEsOmE!!! We haven't been in years and the weather was perfect... so perfect that there were not many people there and the longest we waited in line was for 20 minutes. We rode the Goliath first... not the first ride to enjoy after a long hiatus from roller coasters... it was terrifying but the trip was wonderful and so much fun. My in-laws kept the girls and both parties loved it so much... Sugar Mama was especially excited about them spending the night. Thanks Mimi and Papa D!

Sugar Mama went for cheer leading this morning. We are on the Alabama squad... Can you believe that? We are Georgia through and through and the first time my daughter yells out "Roll Tide" other than at her game it's gonna be a smack down in our house. But what are we to do? She looked so cute up there going through her motions (or trying at least) so we're going to stick through the horror of paying money for the horrendous uniform to be made. Boo! At least Pops (my paw paw) will like it.. it's where he's from.

So it's summer... School just started for me and I'm loving it. My hubs payed my tuition on the sly, so I was already surprised to go, but I LOVE school... it's a nerd thing, but I realized today that I don't have much longer and then I need to go full time... what then? I had not planned on going full time until the Nugget was in Kindergarten... that will be 3 years of waiting... huh?

So what are you up to this summer? What about you Kristen... do they have summer in Oregon ;O)? And Grandma and Grandpa ya'll have summer year long, anything special? Like maybe a visit to see us? I'm just kidding I know the dogs (children) can't travel, maybe we can come to see you? Either way I'd love to know what cool plans you have.
We're going on vacay at the end of the summer semester before Sugar Mama and I go back to school, otherwise it's Chemistry, visits with our favorites.. the fam, our 3-k, the park, movies, zoo, etc.

Today I am thankful for:

This beautiful day: it's been so hot, but we could live where it's cold all the time.

The lesson I learned at cheer leading this morning. Sometimes I will stand on the outside, but as long as Sugar Mama has fun and learns, well then, that's all I can ask.

Love you all!!!!!

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