Sunday, May 3, 2009

I Will Rise Up...

I am a bit obsessed with music... if you did not know that already. I can remember a lot of significant moments in my life based on music. A couple of notes can take me back to that place, those smells, that emotion. So my worship experience is heightened by music, and the Hubs just turned me on to this new song by Chris Tomlin called "I Will Rise Up"... it's really good and so true. It goes along nicely with a sermon I heard just this morning.

On Sunday mornings on my way to church I listen to a local christian station. On this station they broadcast from a church here in Georgia, although I do not know where, I do know that the pastors name is Benny. Today Benny preached about a young man that he had invited, several time, to church. The man always had an excuse, but Benny always asked. Benny got a call one day from the Emergency Room of a hospital, this man had been in an accident and wasn't doing well. He went, but the man did not survive. This man's mom asked Benny to preach the funeral and Benny accepted. He went to the viewing and at the "Final Viewing" he watched as the room took one last look at the young man lying in the casket. According to this sermon, this man was about 23 when he died. Benny says that at the "final viewing" this man's mom went to her son and looked. She picked him up and pulled him into a hug... she kissed his cheek, and then put him back in the casket as was before. She then turned around and looked at Benny and said "Benny... my baby is in hell"... It was over whelming. I associate all of those things with my own children and the tears were out before I could reel them back. I literally had to take a moment to get my composure back.

That would be the end of it. There is no promise to see those who are not saved once this world is gone. Only those whose names are written in the Lamb's Book of Life will meet together on that day and rejoice in the presence of the one who saved them. It's been said that when this life is over we aren't looking over our loved one's from heaven because the pain of this world can't be in heaven. There is no pain, no sorrow there. We can't look down and see that our loved ones suffer. Imagine, on that day, looking around for your family. Looking for your aunt, uncle, mom, dad, grandparents, etc., and knowing they aren't there... heartbreaking doesn't even cover it. So the only time we have to share our testimonies is here. If saved, once you or I leave, we won't know those who don't' make it, only share the joy with those who do.

I am saved. I can only speak for my heart, but I do know a lot of people who are not. This is heart breaking for me. I've read revelations and I know what happens... if you haven't you should. It's hard, but if you are looking for a fire to start your witnessing, read, and then imagine the ones you love enduring that, and still not going to heaven. It is almost to unbearable to think that if my own loved ones don't hear the word and believe we will separate one day, but the witness is still there, for that matter it's HERE. One day I will rise up.. I hope to see you there.

Are you Saved? Don't know how to be? Read Romans in the bible... and ask me about the ABC's. Email me

On a lighter note, the day has come... The Nugget will be 1 tomorrow. (sigh) Happy Birthday to the her.

Today I am Thankful for:

The invasion of my life from the Nugget one year ago. I couldn't imagine having 2 children, and not I can not remember a time when I didn't.

The mini-vacay I am enjoying from school. Summer break until May 27th.

Lifegroup: Most days it's hit or miss.. today it was a hit.

The senses, ability to walk and talk, etc. All of things in my life that I take for granted everyday.

The Nugget's birthday party. It will be an opportunity to spend time with people we haven't seen in a while.

I will post pictures soon of the Nugget's actual birthday. Sugar Mama and I will be making cupcakes tomorrow and she will have her first one before dinner. :O)

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