Thursday, May 7, 2009

Soundtracks of our Lives...

You may have noticed that I changed my song AgAiN... I know, I know. I heard this song on 104.7 the Fish the other day I sat in the parking lot of CVS listening for the artist. At the time the memory of this song fluttered just out of my grasp, until I opened my email this morning. My uncle sent me a link to a video where this song played as the sound track. I recognized it immediately. My home church had done a skit before, exactly like this one. Over all we are a relatively quiet church in the way of shouting, speaking in tongues, etc., Are you asking your self What?!? No, not you Plemons' I know you know what I'm talking about :o). Anyways, on this day, our entire church errupted in applause and tiny shouts. It's hard not to be moved, or to recognize a little bit of yourself in the struggles represented.

Search for lifehouse everything skit and the skit and music will play.

If you watch will you let me know what you think, or if you are watching again.. what did you feel? Me? Well thank you for asking ;O)... It reminds me that in our darkest day we are never alone... he's fighting our battles either right there with his, raising his sword, or simply carrying us through the fire; for we are too weary to carry on, no matter what he never leaves us.

I never left, for at the time that you saw only one set of footprints, it was when I carried you.

May you be carried, and never left alone.

The soundtrack of my life is going to take an Ipod touch... How many songs does that thing hold? I hope A LOT....

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  1. Christina - LOVE The Lifehouse song!!! When SBC did this skit, I was floored and I cannot hear this song without getting emotional. Still gives me goosebumps EVERYTIME! What a powerful song and message. Everytime I try to do things in my own power or go my own way, I want and need to be reminded that my precious Jesus has always fought for me and will continue to do so. He has truly given His all for me, for each of us, and we so easily take that for granted. Humans and human nature!!! He loves us in spite of ourselves. How awesome is that. And now - to make this weekend more special - to celebrate that my Heavenly Father loves and trusts me enough to give my precious boys. There are no words. I love you and your sweet girls!!! Dooley, too - unseen. . . See you all tomorrow at the party!!!