Sunday, May 10, 2009

What a Mess

I am not, by all accounts, a confrontational person. You can say what you wish about me, and believe me most people do. For instance. I have OCD and while I love Dooley dearly, his dog hair is a big issue for me. He is short haired, but has recently shed his winter coat all over my house, in my car, etc. I said something to the hubs early Tuesday morning because I really need a solution to this problem before it gets out of hand. At the doctor's office, that very same morning, as I was putting the nugget into the scale, the nurse asked me if I had a dog. "Yeah I do" I replied. "I could tell from all the dog hair you have on you"... SeRiOuSlY?!? Was it necessary? Did I comment about the fact that I woke up early to get here, only to discover that your computers were down and you might not even see me... with a 1 and 4 year old in tow? No I did not, instead I just laughed and went on with the appointment.

Another case in point I took my paper products to Publix early last week so I could coordinate with the decorator about a cake for the Nugget's party. She was completely rude, acted as though I had interrupted her busy day by asking her, what she assured me on the phone could be done, about this cake. I left irritated... silent, but irritated, and with the promise of a good cake.

In my town yesterday, I had a party for the Nugget. In my town yesterday it felt as though we were in a tornado. I went early to set up the party stuff, and all day it felt great. About the start of the party the wind picked up... Dorothy in Kansas style. No rain, so taking it in doors was not even a thought. I also sent directions out with my invitations, which were not good enough and I was fussed at because people had a hard time finding the park. (Next time I won't give that courtesy and when they can't find it, well it's just their fault huh?) On top of that whole mess, my daughter, the birthday girl was over an hour late for her own party. Why? Well let me tell you...

Rude Publix bakery lady DID NOT in any shape, form, fashion, follow my directions about this cake. I left my plates, with bears on them as a resource, and they put clowns. I requested NO writing on this cake, it read Happy Birthday. I asked for Dark Pink, and Lime Green, they used Yellow. I had shared my story about rude Publix bakery lady with the hubs, so when he went to pick up the cake, he was over run with irritation. He asked them to re-do it, take the writing, etc., and he and the Nugget showed up 1 hour late to the party. I was assisting Sugar Mama in the bathroom, wandered up to the table to ask him what took him so long, and my eyes fell on this butt-ugly cake. I know it's a terrible way to describe it, but it was all white with the tiny, faint pink, green and yellow circles. It was butt ugly.

This was the straw that broke the camel's back. I called the management for Publix and LoSt My MiNd. I was screaming... I can't explain what happened only that I have spent so much of my life allowing others to get by with pretty much everything that this was a defining moment. The Christian thing would have been to eat the cake and chalk it up to a mistake. I did not take that route. My money was refunded, with sincere apologies, and lots of missed words and awkward silences, because my anger reverberated through the phone, and she even offered to have someone deliver another cake...after I asked her to come and pick up this "butt ugly one" because I did not want to serve it to my guests.

The Nugget was once again, none the wiser, and once it was done we continued with the party. It was a mess. I am not sure I had enough food, the cake was "butt ugly", and they didn't include a cake cutter with the cake, and people had to leave because we had taken so long. This was frustrating in more ways than one because I am usually OvErLy prepared, and over board on all things birthday party. At the end of the day I laughed hysterically at how wrong it had all gone, and how much I would have to write in the Nugget's baby book. I can't post pictures because I forgot my camera, I know right? Fortunately, the Twin had hers and she has the pictures. I'll post soon.

And so ends the rant of the first birthday party. Have a great mother's day. :O)


  1. AnonymousMay 11, 2009

    CHRISTINA !!!! OMGOSH !!! You are so pitiful !! LOL. Wish we could have been there!! Can't wait to see pictures of The Nugget, Sugar Mama, and I want to see some new pictures of you and Jesse!! We love ya'll and I MISS YA'LL WITH ALL MY HEART !!!! (tears)
    I Love you!
    Heather P. :D

  2. Oh wow! I think you handled it well :)