Wednesday, May 20, 2009

You Waited and I've Delivered....

As promised here are the pics from the Nuggets birthday.... Enjoy, and trust me the cake was much prettier this way!

It is almost the last day of school, can you believe it? We are sad to see it go, but excited for the start of summer. We will certainly miss Mrs. Lisa and Mrs. Chris, but I don't think our friendships will end there... they love BoTh of my girls way too much, and of course they love them right back! :O)

Sugar Mama's birthday is right around the corner, we are excited about our visit to the water park. Yeah I know... way over board, but she's so thrilled.

Sugar Mama is also signing up for cheerleading next week, if they have a spot open, and I can't tell you how excited I am about this... it's in her blood!!!!

Are you excited for summer? I am, and not just for the break but because I learned today that I WILL get to go to school over the summer... wow, I can't tell you what the Hubs' effort on that issue means to me... sometimes he just gets it right... today was one of those day.

Today I am thankful for:

The Hubs: He doesn't always understand where they come from but never the less he gets those emotions and goes beyond the call of duty to make it matter, when he knows it's important. Sometimes I want to poke him the eyes, but mostly I wonder how I got to be so lucky... Did you know that Friday is our 5 year anniversary? And the anniversary of us being together 7 1/2 years? Seriously we married 2 1/2 years to the day we decided to be boyfriend and girlfriend. Ha!

Love you all, have a great weekend, and a safe memorial day!!!

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  1. Nugget, happy belated birthday! So cute!!!