Monday, June 15, 2009

The Tangled Web we Weave....

This weekend was Sugar Mama's birthday spectacular. We went to the water park. We prayed for clouds and God delivered. It was a breezy 78 degrees and she absolutely LoVeD it. The hubs had a great time too, he had never been, well not that he could remember. Parking was cheaper than expected... Amen!! And she got to spend her party with her whole family including: M & M (the Twins Little girl), Megatron (that's the name for the nephew), Lawrence (an alter ego for my 9 year old cousin), and the rest of the fam.

We were so tired on Sunday but we went to church and even stayed with the walkers and crawlers during the second service... even the hubs. This is a big deal, it took persuasion to convince him to hold our children let alone someone else's child. But it was a blast and we went on our way to rest for the remainder of the day... sleep off some of the sun from the day before. We watched Transformers. We watched it in the theater, but I missed most of it because Sugar Mama had to go to the bathroom, etc. Well I didn't see all of it yesterday either....

In a totally freak accident Dooley went in for the kill on the raw hide bone... the foot long raw hide bone. We he shot his head back to attack it, the bone slipped from his teeth and shattered the screen on our LCD television. The hubs and I sat in astonishment for a good minute and a half and immediately called about our warranty... it only covers manufacturer defects... now we have to pay to have it replaced. This is the nicest Tv we own.. Olivia has a great one too, but Mama J bought that for her birthday and this was OURS... Mimi and Pawpaw D bought it for us for Christmas.... we were devastated. Here's praying that it doesn't cost an arm and leg... maybe just like a bicep or something?


Today I am thankful for:

A moment of clarity in the midst of the chaos that says: At least we have the money to repair it, and we have power to run it, a home for it to sit, and loving generous family who gave it to us to begin with.

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