Thursday, August 13, 2009

All Good Things Must Come To an End...

Here is the Nugget and I enjoying the beach... we couldn't get Sugar Mama away from the sand castles long enough to take one.

Here is the "Jellyfish" that the hubs caught.. the one who doesn't sting and we ultimately handicapped because we listened to the lifeguard. Isn't it pretty?

Here is Sugar Mama fishing off the pier. For 2 days we spend HoUrS fishing off this pier and not OnE time did we take a picture off of it.

Here she is proudly displaying her bait fish. We caught 3 big fish with the fish she caught. We have no pictures of those fish because they broke my line EvErY TiMe!!!!!

The Hubs caught this one.. we threw him back.

The hubs also caught this one... the "Zebra" fish as Sugar mama dubbed him. We threw him back too.

This is the view from our balcony.

The Nugget and Sugar Mama watching the Lighting of the Torches... an awesome show every night at 7 with dancers and all.

Today is our last full day here.. why is that when you are waiting for vacation the days drag on endlessly, but when you are actually here, you blink your eyes and the trip is done. It's like being pregnant for what feels like 4 years and the first 9 months of a child's life is so quick you are reeling just to catch up.

I discovered this week that I really like to fish... well I like to fish for big fish, and I most enjoy it when said fish are cooperative and stay on my line. This did not happen on this trip, but maybe next time. The girls were wonderful while we spent those hours on the pier, so maybe next time they can help even more.

I also already knew that I am super sensitive to light... especially here where the reflection of the sun off the white sand is blinding. This is why if I am ever outdoors you will see me wearing a pair of sunglasses. The problem is that here; after a lot of sun, you look like a raccoon. It's really funny.

Also, did you know you can use a towel as a broom when needed? No? Well you can, it works on muffin crumbs at least. The nugget is a wealth of education opportunities.

It's just after 8:00 here.. and we're going to the beach to enjoy our last full day here... I also need to buy a souvenier for M & M (the neice), I found the BeSt shirt for Bigi (the nephew), so here's to sitting beach side, shopping and having some one else prepare your meals. :O) Might as well enjoy it while it lasts.

Today I am thankful for:

Also a very special thanks should go to the twin. Right now she has been at my house everyday for 4 days taking care of Dooley. She and M & M are jems and I'm sure he greatly appreciates it. I know we do. It's such a wonderful feeling to know that we have family members and friends that we can count on at a moments notice. Love to you all.

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