Saturday, August 15, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We finally made it home last night around 8:30. It was one of the longest rides of my life. Florida is 1 hour behind us so we really missed that hour as it left us on our return. Sugar Mama informed me, as she lay sobbing, that "She did not want to leave... she wanted to stay here forever". Of course her tune changed once she realized that forever did not include sitting on the beach everyday, but doing the things we actually did at home, just with a better view. She was still sad, but was more eager to return to what she already knew.

This morning was her first cheer leading game. First let me say that this goes against EvErYtHiNg we believe in. This family bleeds red and black, we have a Bulldog named Dooley for crying out loud. Imagine our reluctance when she was placed on the Alabama Crimson Tide team. It is almost sac religious, but we endure for her sake. I mean one look at this picture and you know that her DNA was bred for cheer leading. Just imagine a different uniform, and ooggle and how beautiful she is.

What a ride we did have. First the Nugget has been in rare monster form since we left yesterday. Here she is taking a small break from the screaming. Thank you Lord.

But on the way home yesterday we learned that the Hubs would be working locally this week. I cannot tell you how happy this makes me. It's a wonderful week for him to be here also... with mine and Sugar Mama's school starting back, it could not have come at a better time. Here's praying for more work at the airport.

Today I am thankful for:

Getting when I was unaware I needed: It's no secret that being a single parent is hard. What's worse is when you are married and you're a single parent because situations arise, giving you little choice. This week the Lord gave me back my husband. I have been nervous recently about how I would handle the influx of responsibilities this week presents and I am so thankful he saw fit to give me the help he was sure I needed.

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