Monday, August 24, 2009

If a big gust comes by, don't worry it's just me...

Wow I don't know what it has been with these past 2 weeks, but I have had the hardest time catching up to our new house schedule. I've already told you that I'm a weirdo when it comes to cleanliness... well my laundry days are Mondays and I like to wash, fold, and put away all of my laundry on this day... this is harder every semester. So today has been me, running around like a mad woman, and as I sit here and type I am sooo tired!!!!

But let me back up...

This past Saturday night Sugar Mama and the Nugget spent the night at Mama J's house. I cannot tell you the huge amount of joy I had at spending a night completely alone. When I was preggo with the Nugget, Mama J would take Sugar Mama and I had it then, but it's been 16 months... and finally the Nugget has spent the night off. I wasn't sad or needy, or any of the things that I was when Sugar Mama spent her first night away. That was the first sign that it was time for a break. The second sign is, while they were away, I spent my night catching up their photo albums... I know I need a life.

Today: marks the day that the Nugget used a big girl cup and drank all of it's contents. She did spill some, but she made tremendous progress and that means a spoon is our next obstacle. I found myself today being annoyed at all of the new things I'm having to teach the Nugget, but silently rejoicing that in about 6 months she will be so much easier to take care of!!!!

Meanwhile in school land.. our first night of lab was today, and as if I didn't already have enough to do my anatomy lab was so much work I had to bring it home. And we have to dissect a rat... I've done a pig and a cat so the rat should be easy right?

Anyways.. Amanda (I call her Mandy) told me about and I have signed up. Once I get more information together I'll post the link and let you have a look around.

That's it for today... I need some sleep because I have to do it all again tomorrow, well minus the laundry. I wonder do all of you have kids in school, and how do you maintain while doing your separate things?

Today I am thankful for:

School: I love this place... it makes me a nerd and that's ok, but there is something about learning I have always enjoyed. I hope I do it justice this semester, thank the Lord he worked out my path to go.

Love to you all!!!!

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