Sunday, August 30, 2009

If Jesus Came to Visit Me...

Written by: Jill Roman Lord
Illustrated by: Renee Graef

If Jesus came to visit me,
I know just what I'd do.
I'd wrap my arms around him tight
And say, "I'm glad it's you!"

I'd make some jelly sandwiches,
Cut apple chunks and cheese.
We'd sit down at my table.
I'd say, "May I serve you, please?"

I'd fill my little teapot and
Then pour two cups of tea.
I'd thank God for the food we have
And he'd say "Thanks" to me!

I'd ask how things in heaven were
And see if he would tell
If Grandma's found some friends up there,
And if she's doing well.

I'd ask if we might take a walk
On such a gorgeous day.
We'd search for figures in the clouds.
I'd show him where I play.

He'd push me on a swing so high.
I'd push him in return.
I'd say I had more things to ask
And so much more to learn.

I'd say I have some questions that
I'd like to ask you now.
Like, why's the sky so blue, not green,
And how do cat's meow?

"So, why don't sweet peas taste so sweet?
Will you please answer that?
And tell me, will my parents ever
Let me have a cat?

"Now why do sharks have such big teeth
When smaller ones would do?
And why do spiders have eight legs,
But people have just two?

"Why can't I see banana seeds?
They never seem to show.
Why does my brother fuss so much?
All this I'd like to know!

"And why did God make ostriches
With wings that cannot fly?
When you were up there on the cross,
I wonder, did you cry?

"Why is it that I get so scared
When I'm in bed alone?
And was it fun to heal the sick
But hard to move that stone?"

We'd slowly walk back to the house
And he would hold my hand.
He'd answer all my questions so
That I might understand.

I'd want to give him something so
That he'd remember me.
He's given me so much so far,
And all of it's been free!

How about my bike or scooter or
My little horse and cart?
He couldn't take those with him, so . . .
I know!

. . . I'll give my heart!

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