Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's Hard to feel big around the Ocean...

Here it is easy to be reminded of all the big and wonderful things that God has created. Looking at the serious extension of the ocean across the horizon I think about all of the things that use my vacation spot as a home. In fact as all four of us swam yesterday several small fish bit at our toes... Sugar Mama thought this was hilarious. This place is so quiet right now... kids are back in school and there are many families who had the same idea as us: save money and miss the crowds.

The hubs caught a jellyfish yesterday. And suprisingly enough it was not a stinger.. it may cause skin irritation but it would not have stung our kids. The sad part was the lifegaurd telling us to put it in the trash. I understood his reasoning, but it made me sad to think this jellyfish was just hanging out (close to the shore) and then we plucked him out and put him on the sand away from the beach... his tenticles fell off. Well the hubs was trying to save it so he got it's body and put it back in the ocean far out.. we think the tenticles grew back... but we aren't sure.

Here are some little known facts:

1. Sand is a great exfoliant. My skin has never felt so smooth. Plus I have the added benefit of having children to throw it on me.
2. Here you need Xtra sunblock. We applied and applied and still we are all red. Mama J says it because of the white sand... perhaps I believe her.. she is somewhat of an expert on this area. None the less if you are coming here... stock up on the SPF.
3. Sand toys in Florida are harder to find and more expensive... sad but true. Bring your buckets.
4. Stay in this hotel: Besides the awesome kiddie park, every night they have a free movie and popcorn on the pool deck, a guy in a dolphin suit who takes pictures with your kids, coloring contests, fake tatoos and more. The is the most kid friendly hotel I've ever been to and it was worth the money.

Lastly I want to share these videos with you. You should check them out and tell me what you think. Our church did both of these, but these videos are not of my church.
Lifehouse Everything

Casting Crowns Set Me Free

Today I am thankful for:

Being small: standing next to the ocean I am reminded that he created everything I see before me, but at the end of the day he still watches over me, cares about what happens to me, and stretches out his arm to protect me and those I care about. He set me free... from everything.

Are you free.... ?

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Love to you all... I'll post some pictures later today or tomorrow!!!

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