Monday, August 3, 2009

It's Just Amazing..

Sugar Mama will start Pre-K in about 2 weeks. I mentioned this in a previous post and also shared our secret of vacation the week she is actually supposed to start. Amanda C commented on the last post about how unbelievable it is that our kids are going to Pre-k this year. We worked together while we were pregnant and our kids are literally like 6 months apart. It is one of the most surreal moments. I watched her being so excited about purchasing a lunch box for lunch bunch and thought "Wow what it would be like to be 4 again and know that the most important thing in the world is what lunch box I will take to eat lunch with my friends"

This is the beautiful thing about Sugar Mama... she is one of the most simple people I know. The hubs and I have strived to give her the world... and thanks to our many grandparents we have been able to relatively succeed. But the funny thing is that at the end of the day she doesn't really want the world. A few cartoon at nap time, a cool lunch box, and some orange juice/chocolate milk when needed and she remains pretty content.

The other night the Hubs was reading her a book before bed and she asked him about going to Pre-K. She started asking if she would make new friends, what people like her hair and clothes... or her? The hubs was floored.. he came downstairs and shared this with me with the incredulity of "Christina she's 4... can she really be worried about this"? I laughed because if Sugar Mama is nothing she is a worrier.. who knows where she gets that from.... (it's from me). But here's the thing, I looked at kids at our church the other day and thought: A time ago their parents were potty training them.. not they're sending them to middle school. It doesn't take much to take me to a time when Sugar Mama needed me more... I need only look at the Nugget, but it floors me to think how "grown" she is and the things that wait just around the corner for her.

This is the last year when we have choice about how many days a week she goes and/or how long she goes during the day. This will also be the last year that she will choose her clothes... next year she goes to uniform. Maybe it will ease her worries to know that they'll be basically dressed the same. I'm hoping to really enjoy this time... next year she really is a student and I'll blink my eyes and think I wish I were sending her to Pre-K instead of college.

Meanwhile in Nugget news: She's going to be LOST without Sugar Mama once school starts.. I'm going to have to introduce a play date situation or something because she is going to miss her so much. She's as active as ever, and can be so sweet and loving when she's not rolling all of the toilet paper off the roll. It's amazing to look at how much she is learning and taking in everyday.

Last but not least... This weekend we are leaving for a week vacation to Panama City... I'm going to try and post pictures everyday while we are down there, but I don't know how much time I'll spend doing it from there. If not from there, then when I get back.

Today I am thankful for:

A visit from the aunt and uncle today... we've had a houseful at Mama J's today and it has been so much fun. God give me exactly what I need... even when I didn't know I needed it.

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  1. Ok, I am on and checkin' it out. Good job baby doll. Love you all very much!! Muah! Kim