Saturday, August 1, 2009

Summer is almost over...

And for one I am sad to see it go. I'm still searching for the past 6 weeks... I'll let you know once I've found them.
Nothing much to report here... The twin has been in the hospital for over a week for galbladder issues and hopefully they will be taking it out either today or tomorrow. Please keep her in your prayers.
Sugar Mama is starting Pre-K in about 2 weeks... (well really it's supposed to be in 1 week, but we're taking vacation... Is our secret safe with you?). And the Nugget.. well she's just a heathen... Sugar Mama never dreamed of being such a handful so the Nugget has more than made up.

And.. the hubs is still out of town. He will be for the next 3 months. That's about all I can say about it.... otherwise I won't sound nice and I don't want it to come off that way. He has work and so we're blessed. The wonderful part is that every other weekend he gets to spend 4 days at home, and that is another blessing.

I hope you are all having wonderful last days of summer, we'll post pictures from vacation. It will be the Nugget's first trip to the beach and Sugar Mama's second... she was 18 months the last time.

Today I am thankful for:

The hubs being home... it's a short weekend, but anytime is better than no time right? And with God's help I will get through this... I might not be sane on the otherside but he will take care of me then too :O) Love to you all!!!


  1. Can you believe our babies are going into Pre-k??!! Just seems like they were born. :) As far as the nugget being a handful...everyone family has one. :) Reecey boy is mine! Take care!

  2. C DurretteAugust 03, 2009

    It is so crazy... I look at her and at the Nugget and think that it was just a blink ago that Sugar Mama was that age and we were thrilled she was walking. The Nugget is our handful, but she's so much fun it's hard to be mad at her :O)

    I hope Reecey boy has a great year!