Friday, September 18, 2009


Normally I don't comment on things going on in the world, but today's a new let us try something new...

Did you watch the Mtv VMA's? If you did or did not, you may know that Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swifts acceptance speech, and the celebrity and civilian worlds are all abuzz.

Here is the thing: I don't like Kanye West. And let me tell you why...

First: He posed for a cover for Rolling Stone with a crown of thorn on his head. I did NOT read the article, because I felt the cover gave me all the information about Kanye that I needed. We are encouraged to embody and project the qualities that Jesus held. There is nothing in this world that we face that amounts even a fraction to the things he did.

Second: He has said he is "The voice of this generation." Let me be clear: I DO NOT WANT HIM SPEAKING FOR ME. His interruption of the speech at the awards was to say "Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time", Really, of all time? You say this at an awards show that is remembering Michael Jackson? What about Thriller? And if dancing around in a black leotard and high heels deserves Best Female Video, then where is my Moon Man? (Just kidding ;O)

The last of the few short reasons I have for not liking Kanye West comes from his actual interruption of Taylor Swift. If you were listening she said just before he came on stage "I can't believe I actually won a VMA, I'm a Country Singer, so I never thought I would." He humiliated her, made a total fool of himself, and made Taylor Swift even bigger than she already was. Confirming to the rest of the world that his ego is far bigger than his talent.

We all have our opinions so if you are an uber Kanye fan, well... sorry for that.

Today I am thankful for:

The world around me.. it's endlessly entertaining, and very seldom actually involves me. I like watching from the side lines and enjoying the silliness.

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