Monday, September 14, 2009

Nugget Durrette

This is my Nugget Durrette.

Almost 3 years ago this September the Hubs and I found out we were having baby number 2.

We had just come back from a family vacation to see Grandma and Grandpa in Las Vegas. This was Sugar Mama's first time visiting and we saw everything there was to see in Vegas. Everyday we came into the hotel room exhausted and fell asleep immediately. However, we had a blast. On our way home we had a stop in Minneapolis Minnesota. I really liked this airport because they had the automatic hand dryers that you put your hands right in and as you pull them back the Dyson dryer dries your hands.. it was weirdly awesome. At this airport I was beyond sick. I was certain it was from the jet lag because we left in the middle of the night and it was early morning in Minnesota, but late morning in my neck of the woods. On the way home I slept and did not give the sickness another thought.

When we got home we slept our way right through to Sunday. We went to church and went to eat lunch with our besties the Plemons'. At the restaurant the Hubs took Sugar Mama to the bathroom. They had been in there a while when he stuck his head out looking super upset. I asked what was wrong, but as I was asking Sugar Mama stepped around him, out of the bathroom, naked. She had pooped EVERYWHERE... the hubs was cleaning her up and trying to clean her clothes. It was hopeless. The Plemons' were right there for us and bought a t-shirt from the place we were eating to wrap around Sugar mama.

Mama Plemons' took me to Eckerds to buy some new panties... they did not have any, but what they did have were pregnancy tests. I was already a week late and I thought that if I could take it secretly the hubs wouldn't be disappointed with me (we had been trying for about 9 months to get pregnant again). So I bought it and went to 2 other stores to buy Sugar Mama what she needed before we headed over to the Plemons' Srs. house. I pulled Sugar mama in the bathroom, put on her fresh clothes and sent her out.

I took the test alone....without telling anyone I was taking it. About 30 seconds later I called the hubs in and showed him what I couldn't say out loud... We were going to have another baby. I distinctly... to this day.. remember looking at Sugar mama playing in the Plemons' backyard thinking how life was about to change for all 3 of us. The hubs and I decided that we would keep this a secret for the first 12 weeks.. that was only about 7 weeks from that point. We didn't keep the secret... I told Mama J about 3 days later.

This pregnancy was a lot easier than Sugar mama's. Immediately from my fist visits I was told that I had to keep regular appointments with a specialists. I did for the first 22 weeks of my pregnancy. After that visit my physician simply said "Christina I don't know what to tell you... I no longer think that your cervix is incompetent, but that maybe you have pre-term labor issues." This was comical because God had taken me this far, and I knew the reason they couldn't find anything wrong with me. So I trudged along.

I made it all the way to 36 weeks and 2 days. On this day Mama J and I went shopping ALL DAY. When we returned home I kept saying that I just did not feel good. I took a bath and at about 8:15 I had my first contraction. From 8:15 to 9:30 I went from contractions every 15 minutes, to every 10 to every 5. At 9:30 as the hubs was getting ready to leave for work I asked him what he thought I should do.. he said "Call the Dr." I did and they had me come in immediately. I was nervous that they were going to keep me and that they wouldn't. I had been hurting for so many weeks, but the Nugget was not full term...

After they checked me in they came in to check my cervix. I told that nurse that if my cervix was not dilated to just walk out without telling me. As she checked me she laughed... "Um you are at a 4"... wow.. what to do now. Well they decided to keep me to see if my contractions would take me to a 5.. in the middle of the night I went to a 5.. and then I stopped. I did nothing else until the next morning. I was sure they would send me home, but the didn't. They kept me and broke my water.

I'll spare you the details.. they were is what you need to know:

Mama J, the Hubs, and I were traumatized.

I screamed out loud during delivery because my mid-wife turned the Nugget in my uterus.. yes it is as painful as it sounds.

She was born that afternoon and weighed 6 lbs. 12 oz. and was 19" long (at 36 weeks, can you imagine what she would have been full term?)

She did go in the NICU, but she came home shortly there after and looking at her picture above can you tell she was there? I share this with you, because someday I hope to share these posts with them. So here is the story of Nugget Durrette

Today I am thankful for:

The story you just read and for Sugar Mama who just came down stairs and said "Mama my brain is telling me that it is thirsty".. what would my life be like without them? BORING, that's what...

Love to you all.

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  1. Christina!!
    I remember that day like it was yesterday!
    I still have the MoJo t-shirt and wear it occasionally, always thinking of ya'll and the blessed day you told us that you were expecting #2!!
    We love ya'll and miss ya'll bunches!!