Monday, September 21, 2009

So Much Water and You Can't Even Drink It...

You may have heard: It's raining here in Georgia. According to all of the news reports it is the worst we have had in 100 years. And seriously it's pretty bad. Just when you think it's going to let up, it's starts all over again. Dooley is officially terrified and won't go out to use the bathroom (sigh), as long as he doesn't use it in the house I'm fine.

On our way home this afternoon we passed many streets that had a lot of standing water, and lots of larger ponds, lakes, etc., in our area that are reaching their maximum capacity as well. But sometimes we get what we ask for. The state of Georgia is in a water war with 2 other states because for as long as I can remember we have been in a drought. We could only water and/or use our outdoor watering facilities on certain day
s during a specified time. We are no longer in a drought... in fact we are in the surplus by probably a foot... we had 12 inches of rain yesterday and 6 today (so far)

No only has this weather affected our yards, creek, lakes, etc., our roads are being shut down faster than we can find alternate routes. Schools are being closed also because the flood waters are just too dangerous. It has been responsible for 6 deaths currently, and that includes a 2 year old boys whose dad was unable to keep the current from sweeping him away. Please remember that family, it chokes me up with tears to think about standing in a rescue situation for over 3 hours, and watching your child be swept away. We asked and the Lord answered... perhaps we can see the light soon.

On a different yet equally scary note, my nanny will have a procedure tomorrow morning to determine if or how fully the arteries in her neck are clogged. The best case scenario is that they will be able to place a stint in her neck. The worse case scenario is that they will close her back up, thin her blood back out and then do a bypass... similar to the heart, but in her neck. She is 70, and under the best of circumstances it will be difficult, but her age is a factor, and so I ask that you just remember her in your prayers. God has had his hand over her this far, I trust he will continue his protection.

Today I am thankful for:

The rain: we've have needed this rain for a long time. And while it has been dangerous and treacherous out there; next summer we won't have to water on separate days.

Love to you all...

For good measure I leave you with this photo.. it's what happens when mommy is sick... they just join me where ever I am....

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