Thursday, October 8, 2009

Kids Say and Do the Best Stuff...

We've been on the busy side this week, because Mommy has AnOtHeR test next week so I've had to throw in study moments over all 206 bones in the human body. You learn something new everyday right? The hubs was nice enough to take the girl's to the lake at my school while I was in class. They like to take me on Wednesdays because I'm only in class for about 1 hour. After class I walked to the lake to find them. It was a super sweet picture from the sidelines. The hubs watching as Sugar Mama and the Nugget threw bread at the ducks and jumped excitedly as the ducks came and ate their bread.
The hubs got white bread instead of wheat bread because it was cheaper. I share this with you b/c he shared it with me :O)
So as I came up I watched and it was about 5 seconds before Sugar Mama smelled me ;O) and she came running, with the Nugget not far behind. I noticed she was carrying something in her hand. As she got closer I saw that it was bread. Before I could ask what that was about the hubs said "Sugar Mama fed the ducks, the Nugget fed herself"
Ha Ha Ha
That is SO the Nugget, she was just sharing, not giving it completely.

Sugar Mama then had to tell me about the duck with only one leg. She attempted to feed him and wondered why he wasn't fighting with the other ducks for the bread, so she decided to throw a piece right at him. He stood up on his one leg, and then hopped over to the piece. She demonstrated this by standing on one leg, with a serious lean. We've been talking about how God makes everyone different b/c she's starting to notice the difference in people, i.e. glasses, hair, etc. So God made this duck with only one leg, I couldn't come up with a reasonable explanation and she left it at that, thankfully.

Did you know that things like the book fair and pictures can create meltdowns in parents and children alike?
Yep, they can.
I went to preview the proofs for Sugar Mama's 4K fall photos. I did not purchase any last year b/c neither time did I feel like they were that good, but I was determined this year. Ha, NO. I went and she looked like her smile was forced, now this is a common problem with her, you almost have to make her laugh to get a genuine face, which this picture studio did not. Well I was going to buy just 4 photos 4 x 5 @ the price of $17. Well you can't do that. The cheapest package, of these pictures that were not that great, was $44. Okay that's what you get at a studio I understand, BUT....
This package included 1 5 x 7 and 12 wallets... no lie yesterday I got a coupon in my email from Olan Mills for $9.95 which included:
1 8 x 10
2 5 x 7
16 Wallets
6 3 x 5
AND 1 10 x 13 Dream Print.....
I was irritated and did not purchase any. What are your thoughts? Am I the only one who thinks this is crazy?
Onto the book fair. Sugar Mama has a friend that she loves dearly. His mom and I were besties in middle school. Yesterday he was upset over the Non-purchase of a book he really wanted, and b/c of that decided he did not want to play on the hill with her. This hurt her feelings. Well as said friend was getting in to our car (his mom had forgotten her keys in side) the conversation went like this:
Sugar Mama "You really upset with me when you didn't play with me on the hill"
Friend "I'm sorry I didn't play with you, I'm really hungry, but I'll play with you next Thursday and that's not that long from now"
and then they were done... if only adult communication could be that easy :O)

I found this great recipe for Chicken Pot Pie in a magazine that I wanted to share:

3 Cups chopped cooked chicken
1 pkg. (16 oz) frozen veggies
1/2 lb. (8 oz) Velvetta Cheese cut into 1/2- inch cubes
1 can (10 3/4 oz) cream of chicken soup
1 can (8 oz) refrigerated crescent dinner rolls

*just a note... you really do not need this much cheese unless you are serving at least 6 people, it's A LOT of cheese*
Heat oven to 375 degrees
Combine: chicken, veggies, cheese and soup in 13 x 9 baking dish. (I used an 8 x 8)
Unroll dough; place over mix in baking dish
Bake 20 to 25 minutes until crust is golden brown.

We made this last week and it was really good, even the girls liked it, but seriously you should use probably 1/2 of the suggested cheese. I hope you enjoy it.
I found this in a Kraft food magazine. If you don't already have a subscription go to and sign up for their email... once you do that you will receive their magazine 4 times a year and it's chocked full of great food ideas, and inexpensive dinner and lunches for kids.

Today I am thankful for:

Communication: I was really touched with Sugar Mama's exchange with her friend. She was open and honest with her feelings and got her desired result... he acknowledged those feelings and made it right. Perhaps kids should rule the world ;O)

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