Friday, November 13, 2009

In the Vineyard there are 2 Vines...

This week the hubs won tickets to a concert from a local radio station. He won four, and we just happen to have four people in our family. We decided that we would go as a family. It was a Christian concert after all and we hoped that Sugar Mama would have fun.

The concert was on Wednesday night, a night that I have school, and on this night it was raining. Not really raining, but enough to wet your clothes and make you irritated that it was raining. I was already against the idea b/c it was a week night, Sugar Mama had school the next morning and what in the world would we do with the Nugget during the concert?!?

We showed up just as the opening act was finishing, and of course it was raining... and our seats were not covered. Sugar Mama was so excited to see "the band" that I couldn't tell her no... she and the Nugget were wearing jackets... the hubs and I were not (seriously un-prepared).

The band (SuperChick) started up and believe it or not I was sincerely surprised. I had heard one song of theirs before, but I found myself liking all of their music. Not just me, but Sugar Mama was shrugging to the beat, and the Nugget, well you just couldn't stop her from shaking her groove thing. She stood in the hubs' lap and danced and clapped her hands with the music... I could feel the spirit moving... through me and them...

(Side note: check out this link to a song that I thought was really great.. P.S. It's rocky... not a ballad...

After this group came Barlow Girl. Again I've heard of them, but when it comes to Christian music I usually like the softer stuff. At first I wasn't feeling it... and then she started speaking...

Apparently in a vineyard their are 2 types of vines...

1. The first is one that receives lots of water... it bears many fruits, but only lasts for about 3 to 4 years, and when it's served it's purpose it's burned.

2. The second receives no water at all. In order to find nourishment it takes it's roots and spreads deep into the ground. This makes the vine incredibly strong, and allows it to bear fruit, but it lasts for up to 10 years.

She said to the crowd (paraphrase) "Which are you today?"... Sometimes God allows us to spread our roots, embed them in the foundation to make us stronger... give us more fruit to bear... give us staying power. We want instant gratification and most often the true reward comes down the road, we need only search it out. Are we looking for an immediate yes, and be done with our relationship with God, or is he telling us to spread our roots, find nourishment in his word, and last eternally, not just a decade?

Today I am Thankful for:

Roots, ones that spread generations in my family showing me where I came from. Ones on this world that let me know I'm here. And the roots I spread to find nourishment in my relationship with God. He never said it would be easy, only that it would be worth it.

Happy Birthday to my Nanny. Today she would have been 71 years old. I miss her dearly...

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  1. Holy Crap Christina!!
    I LOVE the lyrics to that song.
    It really speaks loud.
    Hope ya'll had a good time!

    P.S. You would do really good on that song! (:D)