Thursday, November 5, 2009

There is Always a Beginning...

This was my original post... enjoy...

It felt great outside. It was Florida, first weekend in November 2004, and regardless of the weather we were too excited about the upcoming game. We were favored to win, and we were a handful of thousands of people crammed into the city of Jacksonville for the largest cocktail party: The Georgia vs. Florida game. It was early... about four thirty a.m., and we were up ready to snag an up close spot on the stadium.

"Hey babe um, I need you to come outside". I looked up from gathering my stuff and noticed that Jesse wasn't happy about something.
"Um, ok, just let me get my stuff together... I'll be down in a minute" I went back to getting ready.
"No, I need you now"..."Someone hit the car and I've got the police on the way"
This stopped me in my tracks... we had only had this car for two months because he totaled my other one just two weeks after we got married.
I spun around and went on the attack "What happened"?!?
I think he could tell I was about to blow up and he couldn't understand my overly angry response so he went outside to wait for the cops and left me staring after him.

When I came down stairs the cops were already there. Sure enough on the right drivers side was evidence that someone had hit our car. I walked up to find the Hubs telling the cops that a guy had pulled out of a parking spot and kept backing up until he hit the car, then he sped away.
"Well we sent an officer after him, but he got away... How much have you had to drink today?" The cop asked...

Seriously did I just hear him ask the hubs how much he had to drink at four thirty in the morning. Looking back I realize now that my reaction was not only completely out of character, but also that it could have gotten me a one way ticket to jail, but in the moment I had no control over it.
"ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW... A GUY JUST RAMMED MY CAR YOU LET HIM GET AWAY AND YOU HAVE THE AUDACITY TO ASK HIM HOW MUCH HE HAS HAD TO DRINK" Both my brother and sister came up from where they were sitting because they were so shocked at my outburst they did not know what to do. But me, I just kept on yelling. "MAYBE IF YOU WERE MORE WORRIED ABOUT DOING YOUR JOB AND LESS ABOUT HARASSING MY HUSBAND YOU MIGHT KNOW WHO HIT MY CAR".

He was stunned as well, he turned to the hubs and said "What is the matter with her, why is she so upset"... this sent me to confront him further. I walked over, still shouting, until he warned my husband to get me under control or he would in fact send me to jail.... he didn't take me, but he let us go and did not question the hubs any further, and more importantly did not find who hit our car. We went to the game.

*Warning: coming up you will find out that at 22 years old I was human... I had a drink. You will also find the reason why this particular drink was my last*

This game is called the largest cocktail party for a reason. Thousands of people go to this game and never get in the stadium. We park and tailgate together. Antagonize Florida fans, build friendships with total strangers over the love of our Dawgs, and drink. On this day we did just that. I had a Smirnoff Ice. About half way through I developed a terrible stomach ache. I couldn't make it stop making me nauseous so I ate bread and rested until kick-off. I was fine, a little nauseous, but fine during the game.

We WON!!!! It was a huge win for us, something that does not happen often enough and we were so excited we went back to our hotel to shower and change and go to the Landing. I never made it, after showering and getting ready I fell fast asleep on the bed, I was ExHaUsTeD. The next morning I woke up and got ready to make the drive back to Georgia. This ride would be less depressing than one's previous... when we'd made the trip and lost. As we got ready to leave the Hubs, the Twin, Topher, and I were laughing at my rage at the policeman the day before... I laughed because I knew how outrageous it was, but still couldn't understand what caused it. The hubs looked at me and said "Christina, did you have your cycle this weekend?"....

Ha, that had to be it... it was time for it, well a little past time, but that had to be the reason for my craziness, right?...

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