Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Four Lazy Days...

Until last night I had not left my house for four days. This is a super accomplishment for me because under normal circumstances we are on the go constantly. It was not intentional, my four day vacay, but because we did not have anywhere to go. No prior commitment, no obligation, not even a desire to go out and finish the Christmas shopping we still have left. The one thing I did do before my self-imposed isolation was get my eyebrows waxed for the very first time...

I enjoy the ladies who work at my nail shop. If you knew me back in the day or even recently I have never been one for fake nails... but recently I decided to try them and as long as they are short I love them and continue to wear them. EVERY TIME I go into that shop they ask me about additional services that they insist I need. For instance as one lady was changing the polish on my toes she insisted that I needed a pedicure.. they had just done one a short time ago, but the way she said it made me feel like I REALLY needed it. Ha. Is it really necessary to make me feel self concious? Also at every visit they ask if I want my eyebrows waxed...It is always an emphatic no!! This time was no different. She asked and I answered no, but she continued... "You really need it" she says.... seriously?
But they were sort of out of control and the Hubs thought it was a good idea so I agreed. First it didn't hurt like I thought it would... it did sting, but not really hurt and they looked good afterwards... Look closely at the picture and you can see how red and swollen my eyebrows were. (sorry for the small picture.. my computer will not upload pics so this came from a camera phone)

This picture is of our Christmas tree. We had it for over a week before I decided to decorate it. It's a Frasier Fur, a type of tree that I didn't realize I liked until I looked and we've been buying this type for the past couple of years (perhaps because it is the ONLY type Mama J ever buys). What I also didn't realize is that this tree has a lean... You can't tell from this picture but the other morning as I was talking on the phone I noticed a web like substance going from the window next to the tree extending to the point of the tree... the hubs had rigged this leaning tree with fishing line so it doesn't fall over :O) Sugar Mama loves it, and the Nugget can't stop taking the ornaments off going "wow". So it's a hit, even if it's swaying to the beat of a different drummer.

This is simply for good measure. How unbelievably cute is this dog? We found this on the internet to put with a present we made for a family friend and Sugar Mama loves him. We are teaching her about UGA and Hairy Dawg... important lessons of course. She insists that Dooley needs a girlfriend like this (only a girl) so he can have a family too, where he is the daddy... and his girlfriend the mommy, and some kids too. I love this dog as well, but I'm not sure an English and Olde English would make cute puppies. Either way this is not mistaking that this dog has it in the bag.. or in the folds of his neck which ever.

Our seclusion this weekend was also because Sugar Mama has been sick. For 3 of the 4 days she "rested" all over the house but not before she informed me that "laying in bed all day was so boring"... clearly she is 4. She was terribly upset that she couldn't go to school, but we talked and agreed that she needed to stay at home so she could be well for PJ day at school and Baby Jesus' birthday party. This is a very clever idea, because Sugar Mama has not stopped talking about it and we are excited to attend.

In Nugget news: You would be so surprised to find out how many words she picks up a week. It is very refreshing to be able to communicate with both children and reminds me that communication wise it only gets better, mouthy attitude wise it only gets worse. She is literally climbing everything in the house, even moving the bathroom stool out to climb on what she is too short to do independently. Her favorite activities include: taking apart (but never putting back together) puzzles, saying Dooley Dooley over and over, chasing said Dooley all over the house, screaming excitedly when he runs into her, and tickling everything. I cannot wait for Christmas morning when they will both be crazy excited...of course Santa must finish his shopping first.

In his defense he is having a hard time finding stuff for the Nugget because of all of the stuff he brought Sugar Mama in Christmas' past... (sigh)

Today I am thankful for:

The generosity of this season. I love listening to radio programs, and watching personalities on television or even watching it with my own two eyes how people go out of their way to make people happy. What a calming and loving spirit that surrounds this time of year, reminding me of the real reason for the season.

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