Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Santa, Stop Here!!

We're out of school this week. It has been more hectic around here than when Sugar Mama and I were both in school. Mama J was super awesome and kept the girls while the Hubs and I went to see if Santa had completed the toys for this family. We were done with our trip around 1:30 in the morning, but it appears he is done making the toys!!

One of Sugar Mama's favorite things that she has never done is camping. Santa is bringing her a tent and the Hubs and I are excited, this may be her favorite toy of the morning. Because we try to keep everything fair in price and number between our girls we had a really hard time shopping for the nugget. She already plays with everything Sugar Mama had, and to get brand new we have to re-purchase toys we already have. This is why we will have 2 kitchens in our house. Sugar Mama has one from Santa 2 Christmas' ago, and this year we bought the Pink Retro Kidkraft kitchen for the Nugget. We also purchased a Power Quad for a very good deal at Target... Sugar Mama has a Barbie Jeep so they will be cruising together.

I did receive an early present from my Mother-in-law. The Yudu machine. The response is usually "What is That?" and if you aren't familiar it's a personal screen printing machine. I opened it yesterday but it's intimidating to use. The hubs says it's fool proof, that remains to be seen...once I get it up and running I'll post pics...

One of my favorite parts of this season is the good spirit. If you haven't been moved at least once this season I'm very surprised. I've listen to local radio stations giving thousands of dollars in help to families really affected by the economy, songs that remind us the true gift we were given some time ago, and if all else fails, what about the Publix commericals? The one about the doctor who comes home to find all of the family he thought he would miss for the holidays, came to him?... Plenty of reasons to be thankful and blessed this season.

One really generous thing I came across was 2 houses locally in Georgia put on a spectacular display of lights for free. Sugar Mama called it dream land and insists that Santa lives there when he is not in the North Pole.. I guess it's his summer house :O) If you live here you should check it out... the address is:

885 Sandy Creek Road, Palmetto, Ga, 30268

Christmas is in 2 days.. can you believe it? Seems like we wait and save for this time all year and when it finally comes and the anticipation is over we're starting the process over. Our entire family is coming over to see what Santa brought the girls and we are going to have breakfast and enjoy the time spent in our jammies. I hope each of you have loved filled, warm biscuit, visits with your families too.

Today I am Thankful for:

Love: As a mother, wife, daughter, sister, niece, granddaughter what have you... the love of my family and friends means more than anything that can be bought from the store. As well as the love from my savior. What a scene it must have been as he stepped off his throne and prepared to enter this world that the rest of us might return to him again. May your holiday be blessed with over whelming love from your loved ones and the embodiment of love...I hope you know, or come to know him.


  1. Congrats on getting a YuDu! That's an awesome MIL you have!!!

    If you need any help with figuring it out let me know...I have a bunch of info on my blog (http://erinbassett.com), but I'm available to answer questions too. :)

    Merry Christmas!!

    Hope all thats wanted is got!
    Can't wait til tomorrow!!
    We have nothing and I mean NOTHING planned except "Durrette Time" !!

    Love yall and can't wait!!