Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tis the Season...

This is without a doubt my favorite time of year. There is something about Christmas lights....the shopping, the anticipation of Christmas morning that puts a charge to the air and I love it. I wait all year for this month and feeling.

I decided to just go ahead and put our Christmas stuff out instead of studying for finals like I should have...

Sugar Mama decorating her tree... she puts her own ornaments, and angel on. The wound up all on one side and within 2 branches of each other :O)

This is the Nugget's tree. It is a hallmark tree that comes with these cloth ornaments and stories about Jesus' life to go with... the Hubs bought it for me the Christmas I was pregnant with her. I really wanted it and it was sold out when we went to look for it. He found it and I love it.

The Nugget was not interested in decorating so she went to her room and read with big bear. The hubs also bought these for both of the girls... believe it or not they absolutely love them and Sugar Mama sleeps with hers.

The Nugget is at the age that Santa is not a friend. We went through this with Sugar Mama and it took 2 Christmas' for her to be friends with Santa again. She nows says that he is her biggest best friend.. notice the Nuggets reluctance.

Lastly school is over... this means during quiet time I have free time that can be occupied with things other than anatomy and psychology and today it was filled with looking at new stuff to make... I looked up Pillowcase Dresses and I made this one today... What do you think?!? I am super proud so if you are not so proud please lie... :O)

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Today I am thankful for:

So Many things:

- The hubs... he bought me the only thing I asked for for Christmas as a gift from him and the girls for finishing school with an A and 2 B's. He is more proud than I... (I am my own worst critic)

- My 2 girls.. this morning they both had to give Dooley some sugars before we left for school... so sweet. And Sugar Mama swept up his dog food b/c he's a messy eater, and she did a great job.

- The reminder that I will fall short and that is ok.

- My network of people who are always there when I need them.. you know who you are and I love you all.

Sweet gifts.. A very good friend of mine, (more like a sister) is going to have a baby. I am so excited although I think she can't be old enough to have babies.. but I feel like I'll be having another niece or nephew. My prayer is that God put a hedge of protection over him or her and thank him for trusting one of his own to us once again.


  1. AAAWWW !!!!
    I want a pillowcase dress !!!!!!! :D

    Lots of Love!
    Can't wait until the 26th !!


  2. I will make one just for you :O)

  3. Aww i love the dress too. I really love the pictures of the girls...they are growing up so fast...thanks for thinking about me...i cried when I read it. It took me a minute to figure out you were talking about me...LOL blonde yall so much

  4. Good!
    I wear a size 6-8 dress! I don't know if that matters! haha. :)