Thursday, January 28, 2010

It's Some Kind of Bear Love..

It has been a week of firsts for the Nugget.. this is her walking in Sugar Mama's slippers in her night gown that she loves so much.

Her Number One First was painting her toe nails.. we did this for sugar mama around 18 months, of course she was more cooperative than the Nugget is currently, but she held steady and we got them painted..

She likes them very much and keeps bringing her toes up to her eyes to look at the sparkles in the paint :)

The Hubs and I also decided to take the girls to Build-a-Bear. First let me say.. what a genius idea!! That woman is seriously wealthy off of an idea that you go "Ugh why couldn't I have thought of that?!?"
Anyways this was the Nugget's first experience, at first she was a little confused.
"Who me? You want me to build a bear of my very own?"

Part of the charm is wishing on the heart that you place inside the bear.

She chose the "Champ" bear, he's a champion for kids, and he has adorable stitching.

She also gave him a bath.. from stuffing to her hands he was dirty :)

Sugar Mama also built a bear.. Meet Lily. Sugar Mama also decided that Lily must go everywhere she goes, and so we safely secured her while we went to the potty..

If nothing else Sugar Mama can definitely accessorize.. even when they aren't hers. She picked up the head band, glasses and scarf herself. How fab is she? :)

Today I am Thankful for:

Taking the time: We had the best time with the girls at the build a bear, and just doing things together as a family is the most fun. It reminds me how lucky I am to be in this place, in this moment, with these people because I love them insanely and I am undeserving of the pure joy they bring to my life.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I Blinked and They Grew Up..

I have been very emotional lately. In my previous church I cried a lot during service, so moved by the Spirit. I am still moved by the spirit, but in a less emotional way. But, lately a lot of things have hit me right in the heart.

Today marked Sugar Mama's first day of Awanas. Usually they start at 3, but because of my school she has never been until today. We arrived early and I registered her while a teacher got her vest, bag and book. As I was telling her bye, I choked up, briefly, but apparently noticeable because the hubs mentioned it later :)

This week I turned in her registration papers for Kindergarten..and these two events have made me ask..where has the time gone? I look at the Nugget and I REMEMBER those times with Sugar Mama, how can it be that I've blinked and in a few short months I'll be sending her to school in a serious's sad to realize that it's just a moment and then they are grown...unbelievable..

Here she is sleeping with Big innocent and sweet :)

Speaking of growing up.. here the Nugget is displaying her pigtails... we haven't broken them out since August but they are growing and we had to try once again...

Meanwhile in grandparent land... we had dinner at my dad's house this past weekend. He spoils them like crazy and let's them literally do WHATEVER they want.. this is the result.. notice the askew pigtails and chocolate beard..

I may have mentioned that Sugar Mama is very tender hearted, conversely she is very bossy.. figure that one out :)

She likes to "help" the Nugget with things like her jacket or shoes, and the Nugget is never receptive. On this particular morning the Nugget wouldn't let her and Sugar Mama said "I guess she just doesn't like sister"... right after the Nugget gave her this..

It makes it all right with the world..

The Nugget sometimes fights sleep, staying awake at all costs, sometimes she can't help it and succumbs to her beauty sleep in unlikely places... here she is sleeping in a buggy :)

Today I am Thankful for:

naps: I have NO idea what it is about sleep on the couch, but it is the BEST sleep a person can get.. it totally jacks up my sleep, but sometimes it's worth it :)

Being the Old One: So I'm not even 30, but tonight I attended the youth service at church to help out... I was officially the "old" person in the room.. definitely humbling :)

The insane realization that my kids are growing up. The are with out a doubt handfuls, but those moments that shine through that let me know the hubs and I are doing a good job, makes all the crazy stuff worth it :)

Love to you all!

P.S. I desire you prayers tonight.. Grandma is in the hospital. Please keep her and healing in your prayers.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

All The Leftovers..

If you ever look at the pictures on this blog, you may or may not have noticed one thing that is always missing... me! I'm always behind the camera taking the shots so here is one of me, in case you forgot what I look like.. or didn't know I wear glasses/contacts because my eye sight is terrible :)

Random Number 2: Whenever I turn around for a second Dooley is always in my bed. He's upset with me because I won't let him sleep with Sugar Mama anymore since she got new bedding, so he repays me by sleeping in my bed.. (sigh)

Sugar Mama loves to do things that she sees other people do.. here she is at Walmart figuring out which shoe inserts work best for her.. make sure you see her boots laying in the floor :)

The Nugget is all work all the time, as proof here she is sitting on the bottom shelf of our bakers rack with her partner in crime: Dooley...that is glass she's sitting on..

Here in this house.. we raise em' right.. SEC all the way baby :)

One school morning I could not find Sugar Mama.. about 2 seconds after that I couldn't find the Nugget.. that's because they were under the Nuggets crib.. :) with Dooley.. that dog is always with those girls.

I struggled with the remainder of this post. I wanted to keep it light and funny, but I also desire your prayers because God is making wonderful things happen in my life. I'll keep it there for now, but he is good and tonight I am thankful.

Which leads me to...

Today I am Thankful for:

Moments: Two nights ago, as I put the Nugget to bed, we said her prayers. In the background an inspiring song played on the radio, she put her little head on my shoulder and we prayed together. I thought in that moment that if I could keep her and Sugar Mama just like that forever, then I would officially know what heaven is all about. I am so thankful that God gives me the knowledge to stop in those moments and soak them in.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Face To Face Encounter With Grace...

Update on Winter Advisory 2010:

On Friday Morning Sugar Mama ran excitedly in our bedroom to check the status of the snow she witnessed falling the night before. She was thrilled to find that our back yard was covered in white.. She was not thrilled to find out that the 1/2 inch that fell was already melting in the morning sun. She has NEVER eaten breakfast so fast.. she was ready to play.

Here is Sugar Mama showing the Nugget the backyard from our kitchen..

Santa brought Sugar Mama and the Nugget Snowman slippers, how fitting for our first snow morning..

They hurriedly ate their breakfast so they could play in the "snow" before it all melted. There wasn't even enough for a snowball or snowman :)

Sugar Mama...

The Nugget seeing it for the first time..

Our poor sand box turtle did not survive our hazardous winter weather.. you can still see the sand underneath...

We didn't last long outside it was freezing!!!

This morning we heard a sermon about Saul/Paul. Our pastor asked us if we knew what drove Saul before the moment that God finally reached his heart, and what that final straw was that turned his eyes toward the Lord.

His drive was the desire to have more, never satisfied with all that God had given him..and he had given him a lot: fame, fortune, a great education, good heritage...

The thing that finally changed him: A Face to Face encounter with grace. A man he persecuted and sent to death asked forgiveness for the sins of the men killing him just before he hits his knees and died. Paul came face to face with a man who gracious; taking nothing from those who had taken everything from him.

His words spoke to me. See.. I started this blog because I wanted to connect with other women/moms who were experiencing the same things as me. I've read Kelly's Korner, and Bring the Rain and I wanted all of those followers. I found myself in that sermon this morning because my driving force is:

The desire to be "followed"...

But why should you follow me? I haven't posted life changing information on this blog...I do not lead you in God's word daily.. I simply write about the happenings of this house, with my kids, husband, dog and school.. it's my life and nothing about it is so extraordinary that thousands of people should follow..

But the things is there is something extraordinary about my life... God's in it. He lives in my heart, saved me from my sins, and carries me when I can't do it myself. I want others to follow, I would be lying if I said that I'm not disappointed that I haven't gained any more followers over the past year...

But I love those of you who do follow.. I'm not extraordinary, but the one who lives in me is. I seek your acceptance because on a lot of levels I don't accept myself. I'm working on those things because I'm coming face to face with grace.

I have the followers, family, home, blessings, friends, church, etc., because God saw fit to give them to me. I have done nothing to deserve any of it, and so instead of feeling like I should have more followers because I'm that fabulous I want you to know that I'm blessed to have you that read, thanks for caring enough to read about my vanilla with a Sunday leader :)

Today I am Thankful for:

Grace: His grace is sufficient. He gives so much, never asking for anything in return, even though I never deserved any of it to begin with.

Love to you all, and thanks for reading!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

We're Going Forward..Wanna Join Us?

2010 is going to be a big year for our family. For no specific reason, but one big thing is that Sugar Mama starts kindergarten. But I feel that in order for this year to be a big one there are some things that I would like to start/continue...

1. I have already taken some steps toward this one, but I'd like to take it further. In 2010 I am going to donate my time to a cause that I support fully. In a town very close to mine is a center that counsels women who are pregnant, but are considering abortion. It's important for this center to receive donations of items, money and time. Not only will this be helpful for the center it will be helpful for me as well. As a stay-at-home mom I sometimes feel like my entire person is wrapped up in my husband and children. They live individual lives outside of our house, but that is not always the case with me. School has helped, but at the end of the day, my graduating benefits everyone. This is an opportunity to share my time with women who need a shoulder, and I am excited.

2. I need to deepen my relationship with God. I've been saved a long time, since I was 7, and while I've been astray; I've always known he was there. The thing is that about 2 years ago, just 4 days before Mama J's husband died I stopped reading my bible everyday. After the funeral our house was inundated with people, I was pregnant with the Nugget, and then I went back to school and used nap time for study time. Being Saved/a Christian doesn't mean you have to read every day, but being in his word is helpful in the everyday. At night when I pray I start with something that my pastor taught me: with thanks. I start by thanking God for his many blessings and some where in the middle I fall asleep. How sad is that? Being in his word, and having an open, continuous dialogue is important, and I would like to be much better about it.

3. Weight has been an open conversation between us before. I'm not going to talk about pounds, only 2 things:
a. Health
b. I have a high school reunion coming up in June, ugh can you imagine...
That's all on that subject.

3. I would like to start a small business. This is something I have been working on for a while and it's not as easy as it sounds. To make money you have to spend money.. we are a single income family and the Hubs is a wonderful provider for this family. At the end of the day there is not a lot of extra for stuff like materials. In my heart I know that it will come in time, and pray that in some way my small little business can be useful to shine God's light.

4. I've seen mentions of being a better wife/mother. It would be very egotistical of me to say that I do not need to improve in this area because I do. After hearing Mama/Mommy for the 50th time in an hour I'm ready to pull my hair out. When it's nap time and I don't have school I love nothing more than to lay on my couch and watch trashy tv, or ready a book of "garbage" as this man at the store called it today. A lot of times I feel like I should be doing something with Sugar Mama, like reviewing how to spell her name, phone number, etc., or teaching her new skills. I vow to do better in this arena in 2010 because the only break I take from school is between Fall and Spring. I go straight through over the summer so it looks like I won't have those lazy afternoons.
However, I also, as I posted on number 1, realize that I sacrifice A LOT of myself for my family. I am always last, no matter the need, and I'd like to find the balance in this situation.

5. I'd like to take the time. Have you ever been in a situation in Nursery at Church, the line at the grocery store, etc., when some one strikes up a mini conversation with you? I have and usually I give an awkward response and laugh until they are done talking. But I think that's why my witness has been lacking. No I won't walk up to a perfect stranger and jump right into the salvation conversation, but God's light will shine brighter and solo if you only give it the chance, well if you have it in you. I'd like to take that time to have those conversations and be a station for communication..that's my 2nd rhyme of the paragraph :) I also think that my friendships/relationship with other people will thrive. And at the end of the day it's about the love we all share...with each other because God, first gave us his.

I don't want to call these "resolutions" because they are not exclusive to 2010, and I don't resolve to do them. I recognize and acknowledge and will move forward.. what do you recognize and acknowledge?

Today I am Thankful for:

Recognition and Acknowledgement: Not just about the things that we need to change, but also the things others see in us. The other day I had a lengthy conversation about some decisions the hubs and I need to make with Mama J. She was so sincere and kind with her words it let me know that others do see my light...I just won't know it all the time :)

P.s. I see your lights and they are beautiful, thank you for sharing them with me (insert heart...the blog won't let me actually do it, but I give you one)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's Funny To Live in the South..

We live in the south. The south where rain makes people drive through the city at 2 miles per hour, and when the weather man calls for snow, that same city shuts down. It was expected that we would get about 1/2 an inch today, and YESTERDAY schools posted that they would either be closed or closing early due to inclement weather. As of 9:30 this was our snow situation...admittedly the weather has now reported that this sleet could turn icy over night as the temperature has dropped, but it has definitely not called for the Winter Weather Advisory we've been under all day. When I opened my home page this morning there was a report about the Midwest facing temperatures of - 50 degrees and feet of snow, not 40 and inches. It's really funny to live in the south :)

P.S. we went to the grocery store today and bought our weeks worth of food in case we got snowed in ;)

I do hope it snows... it did last year around February and Sugar Mama had loads of fun building our Snowman George.

One of the ringtones on my phone is a teenager song called "One Time" the girls love to dance to it when it goes off, and finally today I decided that I would video them as they dance. When you watch the video you will hear a weird noise, that's me laughing hysterically, but silently in the back ground.. I can't upload from my computer to this blog, but I do have it posted on my Facebook page, check it out here..

Okay the link won't let me post, but it's on my page if we're friends.. otherwise I'm going to have to enlist the Twin's help in posting it here.. it's worth the wait, I promise.

I may have mentioned to you that school starts back next week. Tonight the Hubs is off b/c of the inclement weather.. ha, but next week starts the hecticness of our life. He stays with the girls while I go to school 2 nights a week, and what I love about his time is that he lets them play freely. I am too OCD for all that, I require them to pick up as they are done with toys, which means I spend a great deal of time "helping them"/cleaning up the mess.

It's an issue I am working on...

Either way last night as I was making dinner I came around the corner to this...

If you look closely the Hubs is playing his brand new PS3. This is the first time in the almost 6 years we have been married that I have "out done" him so to speak on Christmas presents. So he plays his game any chance he gets, as the girls "play"/destroy the room. He asked me as I was taking the picture if I was going to post it on my blog... (sigh) he knows me so well :)

He is playing his PS3 as I type.. :)

Today I am Thankful for:

Laughter: No one in this world makes me laugh harder than my own children.
1. The dancing video (I promise to post just as soon as I figure out how)
2. Yesterday Sugar Mama was upstairs and I asked her to clean up the toys she had been playing with. She said "Yes mam, (pointed to her guitar) but I'm not gonna put my guitar up because in a minute I'm gonna rock" - That is a TRUE story :)
3. Today Sugar Mama asked if she could have something during quiet time. She knows that she can't.. she waits until the Nugget gets up from her nap. She says "Yes mam' mommy, today I'm gonna be a good listener"...

The South: See we gets things here like:
Snow days with no actual snow.
Great accents.
Sweet Tea.
Days/Nights off with your hubby for a snow day with no actual snow.
SEC football, more specifically UGA Football.
Fried Chicken and (insert your favorite southern food here).
Hospitality found ONLY in the South.
Good Ol' Southern Girls.
Houses with enormous front porches for sipping fancy drinks and swinging.

What's that saying? Oh I think it goes something like...
Southern by Choice
Georgia Fan by the Grace of God..
You get the point :)

If you live in my south, enjoy the "snow day" and if you don't.. enjoy your snow day too.. we probably have the same "snow" :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It's All About Choices..Right?...

I had a conversation with a friend of mine today that confirmed for me that the Hubs and I are on the same track about Sugar Mama and school. She is the mother of Sugar Mama's best guy friend. She and I went to elementary and middle school together and we were pleasantly surprised when we realized that our kids would be spending their first year of preschool together :)

She is not sending him to private school next year.. (gasp), but since we have tried to keep them together in everything even this year.. with their lunches and etc., this makes me consider that the decisions regarding Sugar Mama going to Public school maybe the right track.

That being said I desire your prayers. This means that the Hubs and I have a lot of decisions and moves to make and we will need help and prayers to ensure that as we make these moves that we are doing God's will and what is best for our entire family.

On a lighter note.. school starts back next week (for me) no that's not the lighter note :) It's that I have a sense of urgency to finish somethings that I want to get together for a festival that happens in my town every year.... it's good exposure and I'm trying to get my product out there..

Allow me to preview a few things here to you..

I made pillowcase dresses from fabric..not actual pillowcases because they are too big, but here are a couple that I've made..

You've seen this one before on the Nugget...

This is a second one I made for the Nugget/M & M, my niece...(ha they wear the same size)

I really like this one because the trim is so sassy, and the blue is a unique color..

I've actually had a couple of people ask me to make them one, but I haven't "sold" one before.. how exciting will that be? :O)

Today I am Thankful For:

My own 2 hands and the brain that sits between my ears: I have the use of my own 2 hands and God gives me lots of ideas all the time. I don't always have the materials or know how but it's fun just the same...

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Decisions, Decisions...

Just a few photos to share...

The Nugget has been drinking from a cup for several months now, but every once in a while she has lots of fun with the milk.. here is an example.

This past weekend my aunt and her 2 kids brought the game 'Just Dance' for the Wii. What fun, and what a work out. The object of the game is to do the dance moves simultaneously with the avatar with the lyrics of the song. I did "Can't Touch This" by M.C. Hammer. It was so funny, but I was exhausted when it was done. The Twin got a little video of the Hubs, but it wasn't good was a show to see :)

Mean while Bigi and M & M had fun playing with the Nugget's kitchen...Bigi's dad was thrilled with all the pink ;)

Here is Bigi...

This is M & M cooking...
Some of you know that Sugar Mama is in Pre-K this year. We sent her to a private christian school for 3K and Pre-K and it has always been our intention to send her through elementary school at this same school. It is a wonderful school with the most loving and dedicated staff, and most importantly it is very affordable and competitive with it's rates. The problems the Hubs and I have with the school is that it only goes through the sixth grade. As we've discussed this, we both agree that the 6 - 8th grade is a horrible time to take an awkward tween/teen girl from uniforms and best friends to wearing whatever with all new people.

However, we both know that right now the school district we are in is not the one we wants our girls to attend. We have a couple of options...

1. Send her/them to her current school and put her in public during the middle school years.

2. Send her/them to her current school and after I graduate and get a job (this will happen eventually) I can pay for them to continue to go to private school at a much more expensive school.

3. Put her in public school as soon as we move...there is a pause there b/c it hasn't been time as of yet, so who knows when that will happen.

4. Another interesting option that I have never considered is homeschooling... after reading Bring the Rain-Angie Smith's blog on home schooling it just put another option there about what we could do with the time/money dedicated to school....

What are your thoughts? What are you doing with your kids? Are you basing that off of where you live/budget/school district?

Either way I am going to have to be in serious prayer... I have 8 months until Sugar Mama starts Kindergarten so I am confident that the Lord will show me the way before then...

Today I am Thankful For:

The return of the Joy of my salvation: Sometimes in religion and relationships we can become stagnant. I would be lying if I said that never happens to me, in fact it has happened a lot since I left my previous church. But this past week, between some much needed girl conversations/alone time/conversations and prayers with the Lord I feel a renewed sense of purpose for his light to shine in my life. I have a wonderful husband who is so open and honest about his feelings and two wonderful and loving children who remind me of God's love daily. If this is as good as it gets, then I am immensely blessed.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Plemons..No, Not Lemons- it's with a P...

Happy New Year!!! This is the first official 2010 post of Lively Situation. For your information this will mark a decade since I graduated high school...oh the horror.

One thing that I did not mention in the last post was our day spent with our best friends the Plemons'... I've talked about them before, and quite frankly we just do not get to spend enough time with them. So we planned on a day for us to get together and we chose the day after Christmas. Lucky for them because we had the PS3 and they got to watch the Hubs and I eliminate some terrorists on Call of Duty (that is a true story :O)

We met them several years back because Papa Plemons came to our church to be the Pastor. We'd had a nice relationship with the Pastor before, but it was always at arms length, when this family showed up our family was turned upside down with the wealth of information we would receive from them. For instance, a couple of posts ago you read about one of my best friends who is having a baby.. this is a Plemons (well she has a married name, but I won't share that). On one of her first services she was so in the spirit she let out a shout. I liked to have crawled out of that pew she scared me so badly. But after some conversation and education I was incredibly envious of how free in the spirit the Plemons' were.

Having said that when I was over whelmed in the spirit (it happened a couple of times) they were always close by and I sought them out as a refugee for the wonderful feelings God had given me. I was scared of those before I embraced them, and now I seek them, it unfortunately, has just never been the same with out them.

You are probably asking yourself "Self, how come Lively Situation and the Plemons' no longer attend the same church?" Well I'll save that for another day. It again was an emotional journey that tested our faith in people, but strengthened our faith in God and let us know that no matter where our separate journeys take us.. we will always be together. For that matter, even on the other side we will know each other.

I love these 4 people like they are my own family. When I was pregnant with Sugar Mama, they stood by me in the most amazing way. They took times out of their already incredibly busy schedule to come and see me in the hospital, even bringing foot washing to me once, and never left me hanging when I just needed to talk about my situation. They counseled us through many lessons new married/new parent couples needed to know, and moments when I thought that I had finally encountered a problem that God's word hadn't prepared me for... Papa Plemons took me straight to the verse... it is a rich relationship, one we very blessed to have.

We had the opportunity just to catch up, play video games, eat Mexican food and laugh at how life has taken us far apart, but God draws us back every time. Mama Plemons even sat and coached me on Call of Duty when I couldn't get the hang of it :O) Only one of the 2 Plemons girls got to come over... the other who is married and pregnant was at home resting, but when they come Sugar Mama has a blast. In the early days of Sugar Mama's life the 2 girls were like second and third mama's... she loves them unconditionally, as do we.

I don't have any pictures to post of our hanging out, although don't think for a second I didn't consider it. It's just that I feel weird asking people to take pictures to document my life...I don't think they would have cared, but for now the Plemons must stay under wraps (you could however, see their pictures if they would sign up to follow the blog and post a picture {I'm just sayin'})

Today I am Thankful for:

A new year: We made it through 2009. I don't have anything bad to say about it.. life is what you make it.. we had some tough times, but blessed that our tough times weren't the worst they could have been.

Friends and Family: They love us, and we love them right back. So much that I ask myself "How did we get so lucky?" My children are surrounded by so much day I hope they understand how lucky they are.

Go read Kellys Korner.. she did this awesome thing called year in review.. I think I'll do one too, but today we have loads of fun and funny stuff to do. I hope you all have a fantastic and blessed New Year. Our lives are more blessed because you are in it, so ours will already be happy, new or not.

* P.s. when I spell checked this blog Plemons came up misspelled every time. When I clicked on the correction button it would only give me Lemons. When life hands you lemons, make some Plemons; they are much more sweet :O)