Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Face To Face Encounter With Grace...

Update on Winter Advisory 2010:

On Friday Morning Sugar Mama ran excitedly in our bedroom to check the status of the snow she witnessed falling the night before. She was thrilled to find that our back yard was covered in white.. She was not thrilled to find out that the 1/2 inch that fell was already melting in the morning sun. She has NEVER eaten breakfast so fast.. she was ready to play.

Here is Sugar Mama showing the Nugget the backyard from our kitchen..

Santa brought Sugar Mama and the Nugget Snowman slippers, how fitting for our first snow morning..

They hurriedly ate their breakfast so they could play in the "snow" before it all melted. There wasn't even enough for a snowball or snowman :)

Sugar Mama...

The Nugget seeing it for the first time..

Our poor sand box turtle did not survive our hazardous winter weather.. you can still see the sand underneath...

We didn't last long outside it was freezing!!!

This morning we heard a sermon about Saul/Paul. Our pastor asked us if we knew what drove Saul before the moment that God finally reached his heart, and what that final straw was that turned his eyes toward the Lord.

His drive was the desire to have more, never satisfied with all that God had given him..and he had given him a lot: fame, fortune, a great education, good heritage...

The thing that finally changed him: A Face to Face encounter with grace. A man he persecuted and sent to death asked forgiveness for the sins of the men killing him just before he hits his knees and died. Paul came face to face with a man who gracious; taking nothing from those who had taken everything from him.

His words spoke to me. See.. I started this blog because I wanted to connect with other women/moms who were experiencing the same things as me. I've read Kelly's Korner, and Bring the Rain and I wanted all of those followers. I found myself in that sermon this morning because my driving force is:

The desire to be "followed"...

But why should you follow me? I haven't posted life changing information on this blog...I do not lead you in God's word daily.. I simply write about the happenings of this house, with my kids, husband, dog and school.. it's my life and nothing about it is so extraordinary that thousands of people should follow..

But the things is there is something extraordinary about my life... God's in it. He lives in my heart, saved me from my sins, and carries me when I can't do it myself. I want others to follow, I would be lying if I said that I'm not disappointed that I haven't gained any more followers over the past year...

But I love those of you who do follow.. I'm not extraordinary, but the one who lives in me is. I seek your acceptance because on a lot of levels I don't accept myself. I'm working on those things because I'm coming face to face with grace.

I have the followers, family, home, blessings, friends, church, etc., because God saw fit to give them to me. I have done nothing to deserve any of it, and so instead of feeling like I should have more followers because I'm that fabulous I want you to know that I'm blessed to have you that read, thanks for caring enough to read about my vanilla with a Sunday leader :)

Today I am Thankful for:

Grace: His grace is sufficient. He gives so much, never asking for anything in return, even though I never deserved any of it to begin with.

Love to you all, and thanks for reading!!

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