Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I Blinked and They Grew Up..

I have been very emotional lately. In my previous church I cried a lot during service, so moved by the Spirit. I am still moved by the spirit, but in a less emotional way. But, lately a lot of things have hit me right in the heart.

Today marked Sugar Mama's first day of Awanas. Usually they start at 3, but because of my school she has never been until today. We arrived early and I registered her while a teacher got her vest, bag and book. As I was telling her bye, I choked up, briefly, but apparently noticeable because the hubs mentioned it later :)

This week I turned in her registration papers for Kindergarten..and these two events have made me ask..where has the time gone? I look at the Nugget and I REMEMBER those times with Sugar Mama, how can it be that I've blinked and in a few short months I'll be sending her to school in a serious's sad to realize that it's just a moment and then they are grown...unbelievable..

Here she is sleeping with Big innocent and sweet :)

Speaking of growing up.. here the Nugget is displaying her pigtails... we haven't broken them out since August but they are growing and we had to try once again...

Meanwhile in grandparent land... we had dinner at my dad's house this past weekend. He spoils them like crazy and let's them literally do WHATEVER they want.. this is the result.. notice the askew pigtails and chocolate beard..

I may have mentioned that Sugar Mama is very tender hearted, conversely she is very bossy.. figure that one out :)

She likes to "help" the Nugget with things like her jacket or shoes, and the Nugget is never receptive. On this particular morning the Nugget wouldn't let her and Sugar Mama said "I guess she just doesn't like sister"... right after the Nugget gave her this..

It makes it all right with the world..

The Nugget sometimes fights sleep, staying awake at all costs, sometimes she can't help it and succumbs to her beauty sleep in unlikely places... here she is sleeping in a buggy :)

Today I am Thankful for:

naps: I have NO idea what it is about sleep on the couch, but it is the BEST sleep a person can get.. it totally jacks up my sleep, but sometimes it's worth it :)

Being the Old One: So I'm not even 30, but tonight I attended the youth service at church to help out... I was officially the "old" person in the room.. definitely humbling :)

The insane realization that my kids are growing up. The are with out a doubt handfuls, but those moments that shine through that let me know the hubs and I are doing a good job, makes all the crazy stuff worth it :)

Love to you all!

P.S. I desire you prayers tonight.. Grandma is in the hospital. Please keep her and healing in your prayers.


  1. girl, i feel you! i get sooo overly emotional when i think about my girls growing up. i can look at them, see their sweet smiling innocent faces and picture them in the future, graduating or getting married and instead of make me proud, it breaks my heart. i love them so much and if it were possible i'd freeze them at this stage forever. i am going to be the mom whose teenagers are yelling at her while she's sitting on the couch sobbing, looking through baby pictures saying "i remember when i was the most important thing in your world..." (sob)

  2. Me Too.. it's so sad, and it makes me crazy emotional too. I have often said "let's just put them in the freezer and freeze them at this age". I would much rather deal with this age then teenagers anyways :)

  3. amen!! i don't know. i guess i just feel like when i think about all that stuff i feel like im losing them. and maybe that's why i get so sad. i know that it might change, as time goes on, but i am so absolutely in love with who they are right now, I can't imagine a better time than this. and i'm scared of the teenage years myself!

  4. My sentiments exactly.. I think all the time about the conversations we will have when they are older.. how I will hopefully mold them into strong, independent, (mother needing), adventurous girls... but can't they be that as toddlers :)