Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It's All About Choices..Right?...

I had a conversation with a friend of mine today that confirmed for me that the Hubs and I are on the same track about Sugar Mama and school. She is the mother of Sugar Mama's best guy friend. She and I went to elementary and middle school together and we were pleasantly surprised when we realized that our kids would be spending their first year of preschool together :)

She is not sending him to private school next year.. (gasp), but since we have tried to keep them together in everything even this year.. with their lunches and etc., this makes me consider that the decisions regarding Sugar Mama going to Public school maybe the right track.

That being said I desire your prayers. This means that the Hubs and I have a lot of decisions and moves to make and we will need help and prayers to ensure that as we make these moves that we are doing God's will and what is best for our entire family.

On a lighter note.. school starts back next week (for me) no that's not the lighter note :) It's that I have a sense of urgency to finish somethings that I want to get together for a festival that happens in my town every year.... it's good exposure and I'm trying to get my product out there..

Allow me to preview a few things here to you..

I made pillowcase dresses from fabric..not actual pillowcases because they are too big, but here are a couple that I've made..

You've seen this one before on the Nugget...

This is a second one I made for the Nugget/M & M, my niece...(ha they wear the same size)

I really like this one because the trim is so sassy, and the blue is a unique color..

I've actually had a couple of people ask me to make them one, but I haven't "sold" one before.. how exciting will that be? :O)

Today I am Thankful For:

My own 2 hands and the brain that sits between my ears: I have the use of my own 2 hands and God gives me lots of ideas all the time. I don't always have the materials or know how but it's fun just the same...

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