Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's Funny To Live in the South..

We live in the south. The south where rain makes people drive through the city at 2 miles per hour, and when the weather man calls for snow, that same city shuts down. It was expected that we would get about 1/2 an inch today, and YESTERDAY schools posted that they would either be closed or closing early due to inclement weather. As of 9:30 this was our snow situation...admittedly the weather has now reported that this sleet could turn icy over night as the temperature has dropped, but it has definitely not called for the Winter Weather Advisory we've been under all day. When I opened my home page this morning there was a report about the Midwest facing temperatures of - 50 degrees and feet of snow, not 40 and inches. It's really funny to live in the south :)

P.S. we went to the grocery store today and bought our weeks worth of food in case we got snowed in ;)

I do hope it snows... it did last year around February and Sugar Mama had loads of fun building our Snowman George.

One of the ringtones on my phone is a teenager song called "One Time" the girls love to dance to it when it goes off, and finally today I decided that I would video them as they dance. When you watch the video you will hear a weird noise, that's me laughing hysterically, but silently in the back ground.. I can't upload from my computer to this blog, but I do have it posted on my Facebook page, check it out here..

Okay the link won't let me post, but it's on my page if we're friends.. otherwise I'm going to have to enlist the Twin's help in posting it here.. it's worth the wait, I promise.

I may have mentioned to you that school starts back next week. Tonight the Hubs is off b/c of the inclement weather.. ha, but next week starts the hecticness of our life. He stays with the girls while I go to school 2 nights a week, and what I love about his time is that he lets them play freely. I am too OCD for all that, I require them to pick up as they are done with toys, which means I spend a great deal of time "helping them"/cleaning up the mess.

It's an issue I am working on...

Either way last night as I was making dinner I came around the corner to this...

If you look closely the Hubs is playing his brand new PS3. This is the first time in the almost 6 years we have been married that I have "out done" him so to speak on Christmas presents. So he plays his game any chance he gets, as the girls "play"/destroy the room. He asked me as I was taking the picture if I was going to post it on my blog... (sigh) he knows me so well :)

He is playing his PS3 as I type.. :)

Today I am Thankful for:

Laughter: No one in this world makes me laugh harder than my own children.
1. The dancing video (I promise to post just as soon as I figure out how)
2. Yesterday Sugar Mama was upstairs and I asked her to clean up the toys she had been playing with. She said "Yes mam, (pointed to her guitar) but I'm not gonna put my guitar up because in a minute I'm gonna rock" - That is a TRUE story :)
3. Today Sugar Mama asked if she could have something during quiet time. She knows that she can't.. she waits until the Nugget gets up from her nap. She says "Yes mam' mommy, today I'm gonna be a good listener"...

The South: See we gets things here like:
Snow days with no actual snow.
Great accents.
Sweet Tea.
Days/Nights off with your hubby for a snow day with no actual snow.
SEC football, more specifically UGA Football.
Fried Chicken and (insert your favorite southern food here).
Hospitality found ONLY in the South.
Good Ol' Southern Girls.
Houses with enormous front porches for sipping fancy drinks and swinging.

What's that saying? Oh I think it goes something like...
Southern by Choice
Georgia Fan by the Grace of God..
You get the point :)

If you live in my south, enjoy the "snow day" and if you don't.. enjoy your snow day too.. we probably have the same "snow" :)

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  1. I have to say, I dont think I have ever seen your house that "dirty" with toys! :O) Way to make a step forward Christina! Hahaha....