Friday, January 1, 2010

Plemons..No, Not Lemons- it's with a P...

Happy New Year!!! This is the first official 2010 post of Lively Situation. For your information this will mark a decade since I graduated high school...oh the horror.

One thing that I did not mention in the last post was our day spent with our best friends the Plemons'... I've talked about them before, and quite frankly we just do not get to spend enough time with them. So we planned on a day for us to get together and we chose the day after Christmas. Lucky for them because we had the PS3 and they got to watch the Hubs and I eliminate some terrorists on Call of Duty (that is a true story :O)

We met them several years back because Papa Plemons came to our church to be the Pastor. We'd had a nice relationship with the Pastor before, but it was always at arms length, when this family showed up our family was turned upside down with the wealth of information we would receive from them. For instance, a couple of posts ago you read about one of my best friends who is having a baby.. this is a Plemons (well she has a married name, but I won't share that). On one of her first services she was so in the spirit she let out a shout. I liked to have crawled out of that pew she scared me so badly. But after some conversation and education I was incredibly envious of how free in the spirit the Plemons' were.

Having said that when I was over whelmed in the spirit (it happened a couple of times) they were always close by and I sought them out as a refugee for the wonderful feelings God had given me. I was scared of those before I embraced them, and now I seek them, it unfortunately, has just never been the same with out them.

You are probably asking yourself "Self, how come Lively Situation and the Plemons' no longer attend the same church?" Well I'll save that for another day. It again was an emotional journey that tested our faith in people, but strengthened our faith in God and let us know that no matter where our separate journeys take us.. we will always be together. For that matter, even on the other side we will know each other.

I love these 4 people like they are my own family. When I was pregnant with Sugar Mama, they stood by me in the most amazing way. They took times out of their already incredibly busy schedule to come and see me in the hospital, even bringing foot washing to me once, and never left me hanging when I just needed to talk about my situation. They counseled us through many lessons new married/new parent couples needed to know, and moments when I thought that I had finally encountered a problem that God's word hadn't prepared me for... Papa Plemons took me straight to the verse... it is a rich relationship, one we very blessed to have.

We had the opportunity just to catch up, play video games, eat Mexican food and laugh at how life has taken us far apart, but God draws us back every time. Mama Plemons even sat and coached me on Call of Duty when I couldn't get the hang of it :O) Only one of the 2 Plemons girls got to come over... the other who is married and pregnant was at home resting, but when they come Sugar Mama has a blast. In the early days of Sugar Mama's life the 2 girls were like second and third mama's... she loves them unconditionally, as do we.

I don't have any pictures to post of our hanging out, although don't think for a second I didn't consider it. It's just that I feel weird asking people to take pictures to document my life...I don't think they would have cared, but for now the Plemons must stay under wraps (you could however, see their pictures if they would sign up to follow the blog and post a picture {I'm just sayin'})

Today I am Thankful for:

A new year: We made it through 2009. I don't have anything bad to say about it.. life is what you make it.. we had some tough times, but blessed that our tough times weren't the worst they could have been.

Friends and Family: They love us, and we love them right back. So much that I ask myself "How did we get so lucky?" My children are surrounded by so much day I hope they understand how lucky they are.

Go read Kellys Korner.. she did this awesome thing called year in review.. I think I'll do one too, but today we have loads of fun and funny stuff to do. I hope you all have a fantastic and blessed New Year. Our lives are more blessed because you are in it, so ours will already be happy, new or not.

* P.s. when I spell checked this blog Plemons came up misspelled every time. When I clicked on the correction button it would only give me Lemons. When life hands you lemons, make some Plemons; they are much more sweet :O)

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  1. Stephanie H.January 28, 2010

    LOL...i love this blog it is too sweet. we love yall very very much. See yall soon.