Thursday, February 11, 2010

All the Things I Love...

Homeschooling brought us what else...Valentines Day Crafts... In Awanas this week an additional art project was for children to make a heart mobile, and we took that to the next step. I let Sugar Mama trace, cut out, and write on all of the hearts she was putting on her heart wreath. Well the Nugget had to have something to do also.. I cut out the hearts, and she glued them on her plate...

It's full of love...

Sugar Mama wrote about all of the things she loves:
1. Mommy
2. Daddy
3. Jacob and Lala
4. Aunt Kim and Uncle Jim
5. Mimi D and Pawpaw D.
6. Conner
7. Mimi
8. Pawpaw, Memaw, Aaron, and Kurtis
9. Gigi and Pops..

Sugar Mama is incredibly compassionate to be her age. She is constantly thinking of others, and this is very helpful when it comes to the Nugget. She always gives her some of what she has because she "doesn't want her to be sad"...

That being said, she informed me earlier in the week that she wanted to make cookies for the Policeman and Fireman... :)

The hubs finally convinced her to take them to the firemen because it's what he has always wanted to be :)
Here is Sugar Mama and the Nugget making cookies with the hubs while I was at school.

Sugar Mama's Awanas book reminded me of the greatest love of all. The love that brought Jesus to the flesh, and hung him on the cross when any lesser man would have given up. I am undeserving of his love, and I hope this Valentines Day that you are filled with loved ones and the One who loves you most.

Today I am Thankful for:

Love: I have the best family and friends in the world. Each one enriches my life in a different, but crucial way. I am as undeserving of the love they have brought in my life as my sins that Jesus paid for. He is truly an amazing God and he loves each of us for who we truly are, after all he created us.

Love to you all and Happy Valentines Day :)

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