Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pure White Snow...

Yesterday was a very exciting day for us. Sugar Mama was very excited to take her cookies to the firemen, and she did a great job of frosting them, and putting on sprinkles. The hubs and I let her do it ALL since it was her idea. They were so incredibly cute.

I was nervous to take them because I did not call first. I know that lives are busy and as sweet as I know my little girl is, sometimes people don't stop and appreciate that. More importantly, one thing I have learned over the past couple of weeks is how fiercely protective I am over my children, so I was definitely nervous. But I said a prayer on the way over there, and once again God answered my prayer.

This particular firehouse was next to the fields that she cheered at last season. Every time we would pass by she would scream "Mommy, Mommy look, that is where the firemans lives." So it was an obvious choice of where to take the treats. We got out of our car, and I handed her the open plate of cookies and we rang the door bell. A nice young guy came around the corner, saw her and her cookies, and the biggest smile came across his face. He opened the door, and was so excited to see what she brought. He took the cookies from her, and lead her into their "house" and as we followed she started to get nervous. (This is a classic Sugar Mama trait.. she gets shy and acts a little silly :)

This man leads us around the corner to their kitchen as as he walks around he says "Hey guys check this out, wait until you see this"... so around walks my Sugar Mama, and they were very touched.
On a side note.. when my sweet girl does anything sweet and people recognize her heart, and are sweet back, it makes me cry EVERYTIME.. I couldn't speak for her because my voice was drowned out by my emotions....
The captain then suggested that his guys take our girls out to look at the firetruck. :) It was very big, and intimidating. They even offered to let Sugar Mama and the Nugget sit inside.. Sugar Mama gave an immediate NO, but the Nugget agreed. Once she was sat down though, it was all over.. she cried!!! They gave our girls coloring books, and stickers, and it was a good time for both of them. I was very grateful for their generosity and acceptance of her visit, and to see that her appreciation for them was equally heart warming for them... :) We left before the "weather" that our weather man were reporting rolled in.

As jaded as it sounds, when they call for snow in the South I never believe them.. well I should have. We went to the grocery store yesterday, not to buy supplies, but to get our regular weeks worth of groceries and nothing was happening, but the store was a mad house. However, when we walked out it had started to snow... but not stick. Sugar Mama and the Nugget were over the moon, the Nugget tried to eat it :)

Later in the afternoon.. this is what our front yard looked like..

The hubs and Sugar Mama were having a snow ball fight in the front yard, when she tired out and decided to have a snack... :P Yuck!!

She stopped long enough to take a picture :)

The Nugget enjoyed it when it was falling like rain, but all piled up she just wasn't sure, even with the fun snow ball fight happening around her :)

This was the most amount of snow I have ever seen in my life time.. and it was probably about 3 to 4 inches.. I can't imagine living in places where they get feet...

The Hubs and I played in after we got home from our Valentines Day date.. I've never played in the snow with him before, it was sincerely fun and sweet. There is nothing like pegging your husband with a snow ball :)

We have a busy day today, visiting some TSS friends, which we are very excited about :) And a haircut for Sugar Mama... I think I'm gonna go short (ahhhh) it needs some length cut off because her hair is so fine that it tangles easily and just as easily comes out of her head when you comb it.. I'll post pictures if I actually go through with it :)

Today I am thankful for:

The Hubs: his love in my life has made it so much richer.. I ask myself often what I would do without him, or how I got to be so lucky as to have him in the first place.

Compassion: When other people see that your heart sincerely appreciates them Gods love is evident in this world.. My sweet girl and some humbled fire men showed me that largely this week :)

Friends: this homeschooling has put me in a hard place. I struggle daily and God has sent me some wonderful ladies to help me through it. I knew them for short time, about 2 years ago, but they have been so helpful and forthcoming with their knowledge of homeschooling that I find peace in knowing that God is with me always.. "coincidence is when God chooses to keep himself hidden"..

On a different note I would like to make a video of Cardboard Testimonies.. you have seen mine and may or may not have heard of them. I ask sincerely that you share yours so that I can make a video for this blog. God is powerful and sometimes the struggle a person faces is only to know that he/she is not alone in their fight.. show Gods love by shining the light he has left in your life...

Love to you all :)

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