Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Please Remember...

It's almost April.. we are a quarter through the year, and one of my improvements for this year was weight...I've been working out for 9 weeks and I've lost 6 pounds. Today on my Wii Fit my balance was perfect.. this is the first time that has ever happened :)

Today was a perfect day.. it started out a little breezy and chilly, but by this afternoon it felt perfect. On my way to school I rolled my windows down, drove 80 on the interstate, and listened to Joan Jett's I have Myself For Loving you... there is something about this time of year that calls for that :) During this time, which was my de-stress before a test moment, I thought about all of the things about me that I hope people see and remember.

This conversation irritates the Hubs, he think it's morbid of me to think about what I want others to think about me when I am gone...either way...

- I want people to know/remember that I laugh a lot. It's one of my favorite things to do. I think incredibly immature things are hilarious, and often get tickled at how dumb I can be. It's true, I crack myself up :)

- I want people to know/remember that doings things like rolling my windows down and listening to 80's music is something that makes me really happy. I was born in the 80's and the music is just my favorite, and the summer is one of my 3 favorite seasons.. It does not take much to make me happy.. this and of course my 3 favorite people :)

- I want people to know/remember that my life could be written down as a soundtrack. I consider it's contents to be directly connected to music, which is a direct link to my emotions. There are songs that instantly take me to a moment.. My Grandfather played Diamond Rio, One More Day at my grandmother's funeral... to this day I can barely listen to the song and breathe simultaneously.

- I want people to know/remember that the people that I love are forever tucked away in my heart. I love fully and without regard, however, should you hurt a person I love, or less importantly me, then that love can and will be removed...simply... as you read from the previous post I may not get over it fully but I can walk away. My love is strong and protective, just ask my immediate family :)

- I want people to know/remember that I want very much to see the rest of this world. It sometimes overwhelms me how many wonderful things there are in this world and that people are living their lives in some of the most fantastic places while I watch iCarly or read anatomy :)

You don't have to wait until I'm gone to know/remember them.. I've just told ya :)

Are there things about you that you wish people knew/or would remember?

Today I am Thankful for:

Earth: How amazing is God's work? There is no shortage of amazing things to see, crafted by his mighty hands. I long to see and share those things with my amazing family :)

Love to you all!

P.S. Could it be... Is it True.. Has one of my Plemons ladies signed up to follow this blog? I simply cannot believe it :)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Raw and Fragile..

It's an incredibly humbling and vulnerable place to be when you put your life out there. I've looked at the previous post several times.. fretting over my words and what they would mean to you.. how you would see me and this blog once you read them. But, like I posted previously, it was very cathartic for me.. this space gave me an opportunity to say things I desperately needed to say and have been to embarrassed until now. If you are upset, I can't apologize because salvation is for sinners.. not the perfect. I cannot claim to be anything more or less than what my savior made me to be.. this is it, I hope it's enough.

Enough of that :)

Lively (that's me) spent four hours at a sewing machine yesterday making dresses. Four of them were for people who "hired" me to make them, and two were for my own little jewels...
What do you think?

This is probably my most favorite picture, of the two of them, to date :)

I also just discovered this one.. I don't use my big camera as often anymore because my cell phone is more convenient.

Just enjoying a snack :)

Easter is next Sunday and Sugar Mama has already exclaimed that she simply "Cannot wait to see what the Easter Bunny brings her," as for me I hope he brings me a Lisa Leonard necklace.. hint, hint hubs :)

If you have never seen her work please look her up @ www.lisaleonardonline.com

What do you hope the Easter Bunny brings you?

Really at the end of the day God gave us everything we could ever need by giving us his son, the victory over the grave, because when he rose, he gave us life..eternally, there is NO greater gift.. I hope you've accepted it.

Today I am Thankful for:

This upcoming week: Good Friday, Easter Sunday: Thousands of years ago it was a different world, but he thought of us, every single one of us when he hung on that cross. Me personally I would like to make Friday, a really Good Friday... I have a plan in mind...what will you do?

Laughter: My husband has been so randomly funny the past couple of days. I look at him and my 2 little girls and I think that my cup runs over. They are amazing and I love them more and more everyday :)

Love to you all!

Friday, March 26, 2010

By Design...

Some things in life are not meant to be gotten over, merely gotten through. This can apply to really any situation in your life... a relationship that didn't end or begin the way you wanted, the death of a loved one, really AnYtHiNg in life that never leaves you, maybe just waits on the out skirts of your thoughts.

Tears of humiliation streamed down her cheeks. Those tears marking the place where he whispered his love. Love was never intended to be a relative term, at least not for her. But they had just been caught in a compromising position, and humiliation could barely describe what she felt. She picked herself, and what little dignity she had left, and walked out the door. No conversation or confession of love left his lips; only the blank stare of surprise.

How much more could she be embarrassed? They had not done "it", only gone farther than she wanted, perhaps even further than that had they not been caught. But now the parents were talking about it, with each other, and other parents... and they weren't allowed to speak. Where was his love when she needed it most? Two people involved in the same action, and yet it was all "her" fault, and he remained silent; giving life to those accusations. He was not who she thought him to be. He gave it life, and then let it go, and never looked back.

When I started this blog, I made a personal vow to be as honest as possible. What good does my salvation do if I profess here, in this space, to be perfect?

So today I share something with you that I have shared very little.

The above passage, described a situation that happened to me. When I was young (in high school) I faced the very same situation. Above I was honest, we did not have sex, but were caught "making out". This was the first time anything like that had ever happened, and humiliation is not an adequate description. He did whisper words of love, claiming that he had never felt that way about another person... and then gave life to the accusations that this was all my fault, that I had some how corrupted his morals in the process.

I was married to my husband before we ever talked about it. And really he knows only the basics of the story because the humiliation and rejection was something I never got over, and found difficult to share, even to the person who owned those true parts of my heart. Recently I saw a story similar to mine and felt envious of the heroine because she had gotten her say.. I never got mine. We spoke only once after that, right before I was to leave for college. He asked if I hated him, leading me to believe that he did understand how he had left the pieces for me to put back together. After talking with him though, I soon realized he didn't and couldn't bring myself to talk to him anymore. I was to resentful.

At this point you are probably asking yourself why I am sharing this story, and before you de-follow me, let me explain: I recently took some training and was introduced to the topic of sexual integrity. Teaching young girls why God intends for them to remain pure until marriage. Why? Because they are princesses to the most high prince, and purity is a gift. To you, your king, and to the man who gives you true love. I know of one young girl who reads this blog and I know her heart.. if there were ever a girl I know who will remain true it's her.. but she's more amazing than most, and has a foundation that a lot do not have. Should you randomly come across this blog, please believe.. and if you are that girl and need some reminding :)

You are worth it.. God loves you exactly how you are, and will never ask you to give a piece of yourself to him.. in fact he gives YOU all of HIM...

Anyone who tells you that they love you, but wants that piece of you in return does not love you. People who truly love you do so without taking anything from you. And should you give everything you have to one person.. what will you give when the time really comes to give yourself to the person who will love you for the rest of your life?

Today I am Thankful for:

Having my say: I never said exactly what I wanted to his face, but by putting it here I finally shared how I felt. That is very liberating.

And believe it or not for his actions: It taught me a huge lessons, and was a stepping stone in leading me right to the man who owns my heart, treats it with respect and kindness, and has given me more than that silly little boy every could have :)

Love to you all.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Moody Monday..

I totally realize that it's Tuesday, but I meant to post this yesterday.

It has come to my attention lately that I cannot stand Mondays... I've asked my husband to remember this little known fact so that at my funeral he can say something to the effect of "She really hated Mondays..." Yesterday was no exception..

Here is why this day is my least favorite of the week:
We are usually very busy on the weekends, fitting everything in that has be done that we cannot get done during the week because of work and/or school, etc. That being said my kids have a hard time adjusting to having their routine back.. and they become little monsters.

I literally sat at my breakfast table with Sugar Mama, fighting tears, because she would not concentrate, but silently understanding because the Nugget wouldn't stop crying over the confiscated crayons. I got frustrated with her lack of attention and sent her away from the table.. which invoked a serious fit, and my feeling, once again, that home schooling and I are never going to be friends.

This is also the day that I get caught up on home work, laundry, basically anything that did not get done over the weekend. While watching my laundry in the dryer (I had plenty of time since I was not schooling at the moment) I began to think about how I need to potty train the Nugget, and quite frankly at the moment I preferred it be someone else's responsibility... no such luck :)

But the rainbow always shines after the storm.. you may think it dramatic that I would call my Monday's a storm, but what can you do?...

My rainbow: Sugar Mama and the Nugget playing in Sugar Mama's room.. I walk upstairs to find the Nugget dressed in a princess dress by her sister... Sugar Mama says "Mommy she needed to have a pretty dress on, so I took her clothes off because you can't dress up with your clothes on." They placed nicely together for more than an hour, and once it was lunchtime the Nugget wouldn't go down stairs with out her big sister. Well and because today is Tuesday, certainly not Monday :)

Today I am Thankful for:

Mondays: Weird right? But they remind me how much the rest of the week rocks!!

Love to you all!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Seeking Answers and Your Prayers...

You may have read some of my blog posts recently that mentioned our journey to buy our first house. I, just a moment ago, read Angie Smiths Blog: Bring the Rain, and her post about being faithful, patient, and obedient in a similar situation, which led me to believe that since I share everything else with you, perhaps I should share this too...

You may also have noticed that the economy is really bad, and the housing market perhaps even worse. So many families have lost their sources of income and then their homes. My surrounding towns have so many foreclosures that houses being put on the market are selling for tens of thousands of dollars less, and declining appraisals are making financing next to impossible.

Needless to say it has been one of the most frustrating, and emotionally driven situations we have ever been a part of. We have 2 children and so our main criteria:
1. Land. Not major acreage, but enough to put in a playground and have some room for Dooley.
2. A superior school system. We do not currently reside in one of those....
And that is about it..

You might consider my faith to be child-like, but I have always known that when God intended for me to have something.. it just felt right... and it worked out with minimal effort from me. When buying a car.. having a baby.. going back to school: All situations in my life that worked out better than I could have planned and required none of my attention. It's how good he is.
Buying a house has not been like that... I've said on more than one occasion lately "Maybe it's just not meant to be"...

The deal is though... I haven't let it be. We have worked really hard to clean up some financial mess that we made years ago. And the hard work came by paying off all of the debt we owed.. certainly not an easy feat, but well worth the sense of pride in seeing a zero balance. The trade off is that even though we sacrificed, stressed, and paid more than we thought we could, the consequence is struggling to buy a house. We have done literally everything we can do, and have left it in the hands of our mortgage broker.. There is no guarantee that it will work, and that outcome is incredibly hard to swallow.

As a child were you ever faced with a situation where your parents made a decision that you didn't agree with, even though it affected your life majorly, and you were upset? Upset enough that holding your breath, stomping your feet, letting out subsequent breath long enough to scream at the top of your lungs "I don't WANNA!!!" seemed like a good start .. that is where I stand. I know this may not work.. I know that as it stands right now I have put a lot of effort into something that I should put a lot of faith in.. I know that every house I look at and love has gone under contract within 24 hours after my presences...but should we not move the hubs and I have decided to home school Sugar Mama until we can move....

That's the I don't WANNA part.. I love my daughter, but kindergarten is a much bigger deal that Pre-k and I am literally terrified that it may be my responsibility. Nice attitude of a person who encourages you to be faithful, offer up your needs/wants/worries, and walk with the will of God... The thing is that my wanting to buy a house has a lot of good reasoning (well good to me)

1. I just want to own a little piece of this world.. I can't take it with me when I leave it, but I would like to paint my walls the colors I want them.. have the flooring I like, etc.
2. When we moved into the house we have now (a rental) we were a family of 3 with no immediate plans to change it.. we had been trying with little success, but not long after the Nugget came along as did her furniture, clothes, toys, etc. We have out grown this house.

No to many reasons.. but I ask for your prayers... I would really like to move, and buy my (our) own house, but should the Lord decide that he has other plans for me I ask that you pray for my guidance. I can pray, and I do that God's Will be done, I also pray that should mine and God's will not match up that he guide my attitude and life to be thankful for what he has given, because it's more than I deserved in the first place.

Today I am Thankful For:

Reminders: I realize now, as I have before that I have not been faithful or patient about buying a home. I struggle with the subsequent decisions that need to be made should we not be able to. I still want to buy a house, but will try much harder to be still and let God have his way.. for it's much better than mine any way, and I will most likely (continue to) mess it up.

Love to you all.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

It's All About Lively...

This is my logo.. you can find Lively and my prices on facebook and add me as a fan if you would like :)

Here are a few things I've made for people over the past couple of weeks:

Hairbows: Buy one hair bow get a head band for free!!
Go Dawgs!!

Q's.. As in Curly's :)

Pillowcase dresses: This is just one.. scroll down and see one more...

Tutu sets.. with hair bows :)

Photo Boards: Can hang any where and just thumb tack photos on.. makes great gifts for kids.

Pacifier Clips..

The second pillowcase dress :)

I'm working on more things with my Yudu machine, which will allow me to make my own t-shirts and onesies. And more ideas are soon to come.

Contact me @ iheartlively@gmail.com

Friday, March 19, 2010

A Morning Epiphany...

It was sparked by the nicest comment I've ever received. It came from my friend Kelsey. See, I did not know that she reads my blog and her comment (on facebook, in case you are looking for it here :) let me know that she does.

Often.. and I mean Often, I worry that my life, or the content I include in this blog is not interesting enough to warrant lots of followers.. after all I follow 2 blogs with literally thousands of followers. But here is what I realized this morning: (And I follow those 2 blogs with thousands of followers, I'm not knocking their numbers)

I've discovered, as of late, that many people read this blog that do not follow. And today I realized that not following my blog may be your biggest compliment.. because I don't want you to "follow" me unless it's leading you right to the foot of the cross. When you read this blog I want you to be encouraged, knowing that in your fight you are not alone.. not just because you read that I fight those same battles, but also because you have a personal/intimate relationship with the master. That is my only intention: To show you how crazy this clan is, and to let you know that God resides in the middle of the chaos.. because he directs us all.

What a freeing moment in my blog life. I no longer want to worry about how popular this blog is. Because at the end of the day I only want to share my amazing gifts with you, and let you know that God is every where we look, even in the moments that make us wants to pull our hair out :) (He's especially there :)

That's What I am Thankful for Today, and I love you all, every single one of you!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Giving God the Glory..

* First: I Give God all of the glory for my patience with homeschooling. I've said this a lot but seriously it is one of the most challenging things I have ever done. Not because Sugar Mama is difficult to teach, but trying to teach her and keep the Nugget entertained is a daily struggle. Any Who.. this is a picture that she drew just this week. When this first started she didn't draw a neck, which is something her preschool said she should know.. I think that's ridiculous... who draws a neck.. again I digress.. so now she's coloring dresses, writing names, and drawing her own bows, while drawing a neck :)

* Second: Kelly's Korner did a blog just 2 days ago about a family in Arkansas that just got word that their 3 year old son has an extensive form of Cancer... A friend of mine from high school has a boyfriend who went to the ER for a bloody nose and came out with a diagnosis of Leukemia. You may be asking where the Glory is in that.. but "By his stripes we are healed" I'm sending up my prayers and I know, from personal experience, that God always heals.. sometimes it just might not be in this life. Please keep this in your prayers as well.

*Third: Good news: We got a little bit of good news today.. I'm going to wait until we get more information (no I am NOT pregnant :) before I share completely. Also we got good news that Grandma is doing better, and there is Glory in that. No matter which way our news turns out I'm going to give God the glory.. even if I don't get my way :)

On a side note.... do you have a dog? I do.. you've seen him before.. his name is Dooley and while sometimes his 70lb. self aggravates me to no end I love him to death. He is so sweet and dopey with his crazy eyes that you can't help but love his neurotic ways. The Hubs and I have talked about how I can't stand to think of losing Dooley, which is silly because he is only 2. But, I talked with my aunt today who had to put her dog to sleep this morning.. she was completely devastated and it made me cry. I know that Dooley does not have a soul, but do you think God will make an exception for him in Heaven? All dogs go there right?... I know the answer to this and it makes me really sad, and yes I realize how silly that is, but this is my life and how I think... it can't be helped :)

Today I am Thankful for:

Finding the Glory: Even when life is really hard, and we are weary, beaten, and down trodden he is always there. He never leaves, never, and when we think that we cannot possibly take another step he carries us through it, and sets us safely on the other side. Everything in this life is for his glory.. sometimes it's really hard to see, but I promise it's there.. it just make take a minute in the storm, to see the safe place.

Love to you all!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Not a Whole Lot Going on Here...

The only new and exciting thing we've had going on today is.. we found out Sugar Mama will be a Might Mite Georgia Bulldog cheerleader for her rec. league!!! We are so excited :) Last year we were Bama, and that was so ridiculously traitorish!! But we've solved that problem. :)

Last week was Spring Break for me and I enjoyed reading three books... I love to read and have stacks in my closet of books I've read since last summer... I buy them used b/c I cannot imagine paying full price for all of those books :) But today it was back to reality and school... I got my summer schedule today and I can finally see the home stretch. Technically I could already be in the Nursing program, but I'm taking EVERYTHING I can take before I have to apply. I'm so ready to be done with that stage.. it's a great break from home, but sometimes the stress makes me re-think my decision :)

Also I am both amazed and unbelievably proud of my 2 girls. Sugar Mama is learning so much everyday and I could not be happier with how our home schooling is turning out right now.. The Nugget is really benefiting from it too because she's picking words up left and right :) Lots of conversation happening around our house :)

What is going on in your life? I ask these questions but no one ever answers me.. you can tell me about your life, you read mine.. I would love to know what's going on in yours :)

Today I am Thankful for:

Good News: It's nice to get Good News every once in a while. We live in a world filled with a lot of "bad".. it's easy to get bogged down, but sometimes just hearing that you got placed on the best SEC team can brighten just a mediocre day...GO DAWGS!!!!

Love to you all!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

It's My 100th Post :)

Kelly's Korner did the weekly Show us Your Life post on Friday. On the schedule this week: Favorite Charities...

I have 2:

My first (and not by list of fondness, I am equally fond of the work they both do) is The Pregnancy Resource Center. I'm sure you have one where you live because we have several in neighboring cities. I've had the good fortune of getting to know some ladies who both run, and volunteer at the center. Recently I attended training and found out exactly what they do.

Young Girls, even women who are well into adult hood find themselves facing an unplanned pregnancy. Often times they come to the pregnancy resource center to receive information about having an abortion. The resource ladies council these women about keeping their babies, or making a parenting plan that will provide a loving and stable home for their unborn child. It is here that these ladies can find financial, prenatal, and baby necessity support. Ultrasounds drive home the point that those babies do exist, the Baby Boutique provides items such as diapers for women who just need help. It's a great ministry because on top of all the other things they provide, their mission past the pregnancies is Sexual Integrity: Teaching women why God treasures them so much and why it's important to respect themselves the way God does.

My second is: Water Projects International

This ministry strives to provide clean water to nations/countries/continents where clean water is sparse, if available at all. Recently they provided water to Haiti disaster relief, which gave Ceramic Water Filters to over 8,000 families for five years.

Justin Walker, the founder, spoke at our service this morning and put the situation into perspective. "Mothers in Haiti, and all over the world, provide water for their children that could kill them in a matter of weeks." It is not by choice, but because they need the water, and it's not clean. In America we give no thought to walking to a tap and turning on water and it being clear and healthy.. in fact we can buy bottled at the store. This ministry is giving clean water, as well as living water. God can be found in all things, especially in the necessities of life.

If you would like to donate to their cause, or even purchase a water filtration system you can find them at (filtration systems cost $25 and provide water for a family of 8 for five years):


Lastly this is my 100th post. I originally had a different post about Cardboard Testimonies, but I couldn't get it together fast enough.. look for it soon :)

What I did want to share was something I read recently. A book by a very popular author detailed a fictional account of Stigmata. This is where a person displays the symptoms of Jesus' wounds on the cross. She was very ill, and her parents could not find out the cause. As it turns out the reason she couldn't get better was by her illness she was healing those around her... now this was not a true story, but made for a good read. It reminded me of the story in the bible of the Woman and the Hem of Jesus' garment. You can find the story in Matthew, Mark, or Luke.

The woman was hemorrhaging and was too weak to walk to Jesus for his healing.. she meant only to touch the hem of his garment to be healed.

That is how powerful he is.. we need only to be in his presence to be blessed beyond measure, when we are too weak to seek him, he finds us.. sweeping past us giving us exactly what we need. He is all we need for this life to be full.

Today I am Thankful for:

His power: One day I'd like to touch the hem of his garment.. when I stand before him.. seeing all my loved ones, to touch his garment.. well there are not words.

My 100th post: How awesome that it's lasted this long and that you've all shared it with me. Thanks for reading about my little life.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Request for Your Prayers..

I'm a little behind and I apologize, but if you read the blog a few days ago you read about Layla Grace and her parents...

Yesterday Layla's journey here came to an end.

I ask you to please remember her family in your prayers...I cannot begin to imagine what they are facing, but I do know the one who will comfort them...

Today I am thankful for:

My 2 children: I hug them a little tighter, overlook a little more, and thank God for their health.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Today was a family day and the Hubs and I surprised Sugar Mama with a trip to the "carnival"... She is just four years old and hasn't been on a roller coaster of any kind for quite some time. Her first rides were those for smaller kids. This is one of those rides :)

The next ride was the Ferris Wheel. She was very excited for never having been on this ride before.. I stood back for two reasons.. 1. I'm not that crazy about these rides... I need to be strapped in before I feel safe.. 2. It was 4 tickets per person... including adults riding with children plus what would a picture be if it included me too? :)

Sugar Mama loved it, the Nugget did not. I could see her on each turn around and she was fine, but not digging it completely. After it was done we decided to let her sit out since she really wasn't tall enough to ride the rides anyways.. and she ate cotton candy instead :)

After her turn on the Ferris wheel Sugar Mama got off and told me how brave she was for riding the ride alone. I was proud because I thought the same thing. She rode that first coaster with no fear, which is unlike her normal personality. For instance, last summer in a moment of wild abandon Sugar Mama stripped off her water wings and took one step too many in the pool of a family member. I snatched her up immediately, but not before she drank lots of pool water and gave me a mini-stroke. Because there had been a lot of talk, during that time, about dry drowning.. we took her to the hospital. She talks about it to this day.

But she was ready and I couldn't help thinking that this is exactly what I hope she is as she grows up. I want her to miss me and her family, but to do and see things that will make her happy.. even if it takes her to places that may scare or test her... I want her to be brave. I have lived close to my family all my life, while secretly wishing that I could travel the world. I wanted very much to move to London and raise my children in a place where they would have accents and love the world for being the biggest small place on earth. I saw that in her today and I hope it grows as she does... as long as she lives close to me ha!

My second conversation with her today was about people in her life who "live with Jesus now." She made a comment about her great-grandfather, who she has never met, and how she feels bad for her pawpaw. Her unfailing trust in Jesus and his goodness is refreshing.. she questions nothing she believes about him or his role in her life and she asked about "15 years ago" when she could hula hoop better than me.. I reminded her that 15 years ago she was still with Jesus and that I was 12 not thinking about anything other than being 12. She asked about having a sleep over with Jesus and how she hoped she could do that someday.. I told her about Jesus living in her heart.. and she wanted to know if she would ever see Jesus again.. death, the second coming.. these are concepts that I couldn't explain, but again her faith in strong and I gave her the "if you ask Jesus into your heart you will see him again, and have a wonderful sleep over"...She liked this and moved on . God never ceases to amaze me :)

On another note: when in school I wanted very much to have a pen-pal. You may have 1. had a pen-pal that you were set up with at school or 2. you tied your address to a balloon and set it free hoping that someone on the other side of the world would pick it up and read, sending you a letter in return.. I love these ideas. If I can't pick up and move to London I've always wanted to have friends who live on the other side of the world. Today I got a comment from a girl who lives in New Zealand.. I feel like a member of Sugar Land just told me that they read my blog.. it was just as exciting..

Today I am Thankful for:

Conversations: For the two I had today and the many that will come with 2 girls. I envision laying in my girls' bedrooms having life changing conversations about all things life and hoping that something I say (through God's guidance of course) will make life easier, better, richer... what a life :)

Happy Sunday, and love to you all :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

A Typical Day...

Kellys Korner does a blog titled "Show Us Your Life." On the schedule this week is what a typical day is like in the life of her blog followers...

So here it is.. just recently rescheduled to accommodate Sugar Mama...

I do not wake up to an alarm.. in stead I wake up to the incessant calls of this little Nugget every morning of "Mommy, Mommy, only the o's are drawn out unnecessarily :) The time varies daily depending on the amount of beauty rest she requires...

I have a routine of putting in my contacts.. brushing my teeth and getting dressed.. next I wake up Sugar Mama, make up her bed, pick out her clothes and move on to the Nugget.. we make up her bed, pick out her clothes and head down stairs for breakfast...

Next we get dressed, brush teeth and hair and we are officially started for the day :) We usually hit the gym first.. this gives Sugar Mama the "P.E." she needs everyday and me too. We leave there and come home to do our homeschooling...

This is our typical list of activities.. we go over her letters and numbers everyday.. after that I let her choose what she wants to do, but it can include:
play dough
dry erase drawing on board or in work book
sight words
making items with shapes
spelling game
fine motor bead work
an art project that includes our letter/number/animal of the week
fine motor cutting projects
*I can't remember the rest of the things she chooses from, but there is a start* :)

This week she choose Zebras to learn about...

We do this while simultaneously entertaining the Nugget with crayons (which she eats), markers (which she eats), art projects (which she eats).. see the pattern :)
We get in literally as much as we can everyday, but after it's novelty and taste has worn out with the Nugget we have lunch and then quiet time.. the Nugget naps, but Sugar Mama does not.. it's now that she is allowed to watch Preschool tv..

During this 2 hour period I do my homework and/or read.. so that I can get these...

This is an A on my last anatomy test... Yay!!!!!! ((I understand how lame it is to toot my own horn, but whatcha gonna do? :))

After quiet time it's snack time and what comes next depends on the day.. 2 days a week I prepare them and the Hubs for me to go to school.. on Wednesdays we go to church so we leave early and eat at Zaxby's for under $10.. (again pointless but I'm sharing anyways).

We eat dinner around 7 and then baths and bed by 8 or 8:30.. and we do it every day of the week...

What's your typical day? Wish there were more to do, or hours to do it in?

Today I am Thankful for:

My schedule: Without the insanity of my everyday, life would be really boring..how would I know to appreciate my little girls if they didn't drive me to a breaking point every once and a while? School is an awesomely stressful outlet, and my husband makes it all worth while...God has blessed me richly and my typical day is being thankful for each one he gives me :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Being a Mother Changes Everything..

When I was 19 years old I had the strangest aversion to feet. Nothing traumatic happened, I had never come across a pair that I thought was less than disgusting... at the time I worked at a daycare with 4 year olds and we planned an art project that involved taking a foot print from each child. I remember thinking "Ugh this is so gross, why am I touching feet?"...

But now I have babies and I think nothing of feet sugar... even when I know the Nugget has been walking around barefoot in the same places Dooley walks, do I think twice about giving those tiny little feet sugars... I wash them, kiss them when they get boo boos and make my own art projects out of 4 year and 22 month old feet... having those feet in my uterus changed my mind on how I see the feet of others... I've even seen feet that I think might be pretty...

I've never, until recently, thought about how I learned things. When a person is 5 years old, in most places, they go to kindergarten. This is where the foundation for learning begins.. I've never thought much about it, only that at 17 I couldn't wait to get out of high school and continue on with college. Recently, with homeschooling, I've realized that it matters how my kids learn. ((This wasn't exactly an Epiphany just a realization of how my focus was skewed ))
Just yesterday my girls and I went to the gym. This gym has recently implemented a bracelet check in/out system and the girl working asked for my name.. I gave her mine and the Nuggets and then Sugar Mama stood, waiting for her to ask her name... and she did..
Sugar Mama responded with "my name is... and you spell it...."

I was so proud... the lady was impressed, and Sugar Mama was very proud of herself. This is something else that has changed.. education has always been important to me, I just realize how active my role needs to be so that her success is optimal.

You may have read before that I have clinically diagnosed OCD. I don't have rituals but I am fanatical about the cleanliness and order of my home. Those things can instantly change my mood, and affects everything; including how laundry hangs in my closet :)
After having kids I had to adjust.. they come with a lot of stuff, and they are just messy in general.. but my I taught my kids how to "clean" early. I will inevitably pass OCD onto my girls, but when Mama is happy, everyone is happy... if mommy is not happy then NO ONE is happy :) I adjusted my leniency about this topic, but only slightly.. I love them and want them to live in a clean environment... plus I make clean up very easy.. throw the toys into an appointed basket.

Having children has changed my life. I look at everything in life differently including the relationships that I have with my own parents, other people and my husband.. what a precious gift they are and I literally cannot imagine my life without them...((or my husband)).

Today I am Thankful for:

Praise reports: I had a good conversation with my friend Kim today at the gym about her husband, who was about to lose his job, but found another job with the husband of a friend. She was praising the Lord right there in the lobby of the gym.. she's always been vocal but her vocals are praising God more and more. God is good, he gives so much, I am thankful Kim and her family got that blessing and I pray for the lady who made it happen. She was following God and her obedience answered the prayers of a family. God is so Good!!!!

Love to you all..

Monday, March 1, 2010

Small Moments, Big Moments...

It was a fun, but busy weekend. We had a visit with some family and of course school never stops and with two tests I've done a lot of studying. Sugar Mama started to run a slight fever yesterday so no learning today, but the Nugget kept me plenty occupied to make sure no learning for me took it's place :)

One thing I did this morning was read a blog. For whatever reason I read the blogs that will bring a person to their knees. I came across it from Kelly's Korner. It's about Layla, and she's 2. Her parents just recently found out that her cancer had returned and this time there would be no escaping it's tragedy. They've sent her home to spend her last days with her family. Kelly posted that she continues to think of her daughter in that situation and that there are not words for how painful that would be. Layla's parents words from their blog are powerful, raw, heart wrenching, and faithful.

I remember thinking, about my step-dad, that praying for a healing was relative. We prayed, as Layla's parents are, for a healing. The thing is that a healing came with my step-dad, as will it come with Layla. What we can't comprehend is that sometimes healing doesn't happen here, in this body... sometimes it's when they get to where they are going. It's impossible for me to imagine where her parents are.. she is not an only child, so there remains responsibility everywhere, how do they deal?!? But if you read their words you know that they don't intend, nor have the depended on themselves over the course of her sickness. They rely on God to lead them where he intends for them to be. I applaud that.

Most days I struggle with getting it all done, the laundry, the learning, the homework, etc. One thing Layla's mom blogged was that NOW she wishes she would have enjoyed those moments of chaos instead of treating them as intrusions... that hit hard. When Sugar Mama or the Nugget try to help with any task, it more than doubles the time... but in the grand scheme of things What does it really matter?!? In a moment, an instant, things could change and I don't want to wish things were different. My prayers have been with Layla and her family today because they are heavy on my heart. I can't imagine witnessing the life slip out of my child, but to keep praising and living God through it is truly admirable.

Please pray for their family and read their blog:

Today I am Thankful for:

The small moments that make big changes in my life: It is not by mistake that I read that blog, or that I encounter stories that make me appreciate what God has given me. Philippians 4:11 "Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am in, there with to be content. He gives and gives abundantly. Any more than eternal life is a blessing we should give thanks for...

Love to you all.