Thursday, March 4, 2010

Being a Mother Changes Everything..

When I was 19 years old I had the strangest aversion to feet. Nothing traumatic happened, I had never come across a pair that I thought was less than disgusting... at the time I worked at a daycare with 4 year olds and we planned an art project that involved taking a foot print from each child. I remember thinking "Ugh this is so gross, why am I touching feet?"...

But now I have babies and I think nothing of feet sugar... even when I know the Nugget has been walking around barefoot in the same places Dooley walks, do I think twice about giving those tiny little feet sugars... I wash them, kiss them when they get boo boos and make my own art projects out of 4 year and 22 month old feet... having those feet in my uterus changed my mind on how I see the feet of others... I've even seen feet that I think might be pretty...

I've never, until recently, thought about how I learned things. When a person is 5 years old, in most places, they go to kindergarten. This is where the foundation for learning begins.. I've never thought much about it, only that at 17 I couldn't wait to get out of high school and continue on with college. Recently, with homeschooling, I've realized that it matters how my kids learn. ((This wasn't exactly an Epiphany just a realization of how my focus was skewed ))
Just yesterday my girls and I went to the gym. This gym has recently implemented a bracelet check in/out system and the girl working asked for my name.. I gave her mine and the Nuggets and then Sugar Mama stood, waiting for her to ask her name... and she did..
Sugar Mama responded with "my name is... and you spell it...."

I was so proud... the lady was impressed, and Sugar Mama was very proud of herself. This is something else that has changed.. education has always been important to me, I just realize how active my role needs to be so that her success is optimal.

You may have read before that I have clinically diagnosed OCD. I don't have rituals but I am fanatical about the cleanliness and order of my home. Those things can instantly change my mood, and affects everything; including how laundry hangs in my closet :)
After having kids I had to adjust.. they come with a lot of stuff, and they are just messy in general.. but my I taught my kids how to "clean" early. I will inevitably pass OCD onto my girls, but when Mama is happy, everyone is happy... if mommy is not happy then NO ONE is happy :) I adjusted my leniency about this topic, but only slightly.. I love them and want them to live in a clean environment... plus I make clean up very easy.. throw the toys into an appointed basket.

Having children has changed my life. I look at everything in life differently including the relationships that I have with my own parents, other people and my husband.. what a precious gift they are and I literally cannot imagine my life without them...((or my husband)).

Today I am Thankful for:

Praise reports: I had a good conversation with my friend Kim today at the gym about her husband, who was about to lose his job, but found another job with the husband of a friend. She was praising the Lord right there in the lobby of the gym.. she's always been vocal but her vocals are praising God more and more. God is good, he gives so much, I am thankful Kim and her family got that blessing and I pray for the lady who made it happen. She was following God and her obedience answered the prayers of a family. God is so Good!!!!

Love to you all..

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