Saturday, March 6, 2010


Today was a family day and the Hubs and I surprised Sugar Mama with a trip to the "carnival"... She is just four years old and hasn't been on a roller coaster of any kind for quite some time. Her first rides were those for smaller kids. This is one of those rides :)

The next ride was the Ferris Wheel. She was very excited for never having been on this ride before.. I stood back for two reasons.. 1. I'm not that crazy about these rides... I need to be strapped in before I feel safe.. 2. It was 4 tickets per person... including adults riding with children plus what would a picture be if it included me too? :)

Sugar Mama loved it, the Nugget did not. I could see her on each turn around and she was fine, but not digging it completely. After it was done we decided to let her sit out since she really wasn't tall enough to ride the rides anyways.. and she ate cotton candy instead :)

After her turn on the Ferris wheel Sugar Mama got off and told me how brave she was for riding the ride alone. I was proud because I thought the same thing. She rode that first coaster with no fear, which is unlike her normal personality. For instance, last summer in a moment of wild abandon Sugar Mama stripped off her water wings and took one step too many in the pool of a family member. I snatched her up immediately, but not before she drank lots of pool water and gave me a mini-stroke. Because there had been a lot of talk, during that time, about dry drowning.. we took her to the hospital. She talks about it to this day.

But she was ready and I couldn't help thinking that this is exactly what I hope she is as she grows up. I want her to miss me and her family, but to do and see things that will make her happy.. even if it takes her to places that may scare or test her... I want her to be brave. I have lived close to my family all my life, while secretly wishing that I could travel the world. I wanted very much to move to London and raise my children in a place where they would have accents and love the world for being the biggest small place on earth. I saw that in her today and I hope it grows as she does... as long as she lives close to me ha!

My second conversation with her today was about people in her life who "live with Jesus now." She made a comment about her great-grandfather, who she has never met, and how she feels bad for her pawpaw. Her unfailing trust in Jesus and his goodness is refreshing.. she questions nothing she believes about him or his role in her life and she asked about "15 years ago" when she could hula hoop better than me.. I reminded her that 15 years ago she was still with Jesus and that I was 12 not thinking about anything other than being 12. She asked about having a sleep over with Jesus and how she hoped she could do that someday.. I told her about Jesus living in her heart.. and she wanted to know if she would ever see Jesus again.. death, the second coming.. these are concepts that I couldn't explain, but again her faith in strong and I gave her the "if you ask Jesus into your heart you will see him again, and have a wonderful sleep over"...She liked this and moved on . God never ceases to amaze me :)

On another note: when in school I wanted very much to have a pen-pal. You may have 1. had a pen-pal that you were set up with at school or 2. you tied your address to a balloon and set it free hoping that someone on the other side of the world would pick it up and read, sending you a letter in return.. I love these ideas. If I can't pick up and move to London I've always wanted to have friends who live on the other side of the world. Today I got a comment from a girl who lives in New Zealand.. I feel like a member of Sugar Land just told me that they read my blog.. it was just as exciting..

Today I am Thankful for:

Conversations: For the two I had today and the many that will come with 2 girls. I envision laying in my girls' bedrooms having life changing conversations about all things life and hoping that something I say (through God's guidance of course) will make life easier, better, richer... what a life :)

Happy Sunday, and love to you all :)

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