Sunday, March 14, 2010

It's My 100th Post :)

Kelly's Korner did the weekly Show us Your Life post on Friday. On the schedule this week: Favorite Charities...

I have 2:

My first (and not by list of fondness, I am equally fond of the work they both do) is The Pregnancy Resource Center. I'm sure you have one where you live because we have several in neighboring cities. I've had the good fortune of getting to know some ladies who both run, and volunteer at the center. Recently I attended training and found out exactly what they do.

Young Girls, even women who are well into adult hood find themselves facing an unplanned pregnancy. Often times they come to the pregnancy resource center to receive information about having an abortion. The resource ladies council these women about keeping their babies, or making a parenting plan that will provide a loving and stable home for their unborn child. It is here that these ladies can find financial, prenatal, and baby necessity support. Ultrasounds drive home the point that those babies do exist, the Baby Boutique provides items such as diapers for women who just need help. It's a great ministry because on top of all the other things they provide, their mission past the pregnancies is Sexual Integrity: Teaching women why God treasures them so much and why it's important to respect themselves the way God does.

My second is: Water Projects International

This ministry strives to provide clean water to nations/countries/continents where clean water is sparse, if available at all. Recently they provided water to Haiti disaster relief, which gave Ceramic Water Filters to over 8,000 families for five years.

Justin Walker, the founder, spoke at our service this morning and put the situation into perspective. "Mothers in Haiti, and all over the world, provide water for their children that could kill them in a matter of weeks." It is not by choice, but because they need the water, and it's not clean. In America we give no thought to walking to a tap and turning on water and it being clear and healthy.. in fact we can buy bottled at the store. This ministry is giving clean water, as well as living water. God can be found in all things, especially in the necessities of life.

If you would like to donate to their cause, or even purchase a water filtration system you can find them at (filtration systems cost $25 and provide water for a family of 8 for five years):

Lastly this is my 100th post. I originally had a different post about Cardboard Testimonies, but I couldn't get it together fast enough.. look for it soon :)

What I did want to share was something I read recently. A book by a very popular author detailed a fictional account of Stigmata. This is where a person displays the symptoms of Jesus' wounds on the cross. She was very ill, and her parents could not find out the cause. As it turns out the reason she couldn't get better was by her illness she was healing those around her... now this was not a true story, but made for a good read. It reminded me of the story in the bible of the Woman and the Hem of Jesus' garment. You can find the story in Matthew, Mark, or Luke.

The woman was hemorrhaging and was too weak to walk to Jesus for his healing.. she meant only to touch the hem of his garment to be healed.

That is how powerful he is.. we need only to be in his presence to be blessed beyond measure, when we are too weak to seek him, he finds us.. sweeping past us giving us exactly what we need. He is all we need for this life to be full.

Today I am Thankful for:

His power: One day I'd like to touch the hem of his garment.. when I stand before him.. seeing all my loved ones, to touch his garment.. well there are not words.

My 100th post: How awesome that it's lasted this long and that you've all shared it with me. Thanks for reading about my little life.


  1. I LOVE reading about your life !!!!! And it surprised me that this was your 100th blog !!!! I was like WHAT THE CRAP !?!?! Where does time go? Anyways... you totally freaked me and momma out with the book thing. We were like OMGeeee!! Until we found was not true !! haha. :) Anyways... LOVE YOU AND KEEP ON WRITING !!!!! I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  2. I love that all of you are in my life. Thank you for reading about my little ol' life :)