Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Moody Monday..

I totally realize that it's Tuesday, but I meant to post this yesterday.

It has come to my attention lately that I cannot stand Mondays... I've asked my husband to remember this little known fact so that at my funeral he can say something to the effect of "She really hated Mondays..." Yesterday was no exception..

Here is why this day is my least favorite of the week:
We are usually very busy on the weekends, fitting everything in that has be done that we cannot get done during the week because of work and/or school, etc. That being said my kids have a hard time adjusting to having their routine back.. and they become little monsters.

I literally sat at my breakfast table with Sugar Mama, fighting tears, because she would not concentrate, but silently understanding because the Nugget wouldn't stop crying over the confiscated crayons. I got frustrated with her lack of attention and sent her away from the table.. which invoked a serious fit, and my feeling, once again, that home schooling and I are never going to be friends.

This is also the day that I get caught up on home work, laundry, basically anything that did not get done over the weekend. While watching my laundry in the dryer (I had plenty of time since I was not schooling at the moment) I began to think about how I need to potty train the Nugget, and quite frankly at the moment I preferred it be someone else's responsibility... no such luck :)

But the rainbow always shines after the storm.. you may think it dramatic that I would call my Monday's a storm, but what can you do?...

My rainbow: Sugar Mama and the Nugget playing in Sugar Mama's room.. I walk upstairs to find the Nugget dressed in a princess dress by her sister... Sugar Mama says "Mommy she needed to have a pretty dress on, so I took her clothes off because you can't dress up with your clothes on." They placed nicely together for more than an hour, and once it was lunchtime the Nugget wouldn't go down stairs with out her big sister. Well and because today is Tuesday, certainly not Monday :)

Today I am Thankful for:

Mondays: Weird right? But they remind me how much the rest of the week rocks!!

Love to you all!!

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