Friday, March 19, 2010

A Morning Epiphany...

It was sparked by the nicest comment I've ever received. It came from my friend Kelsey. See, I did not know that she reads my blog and her comment (on facebook, in case you are looking for it here :) let me know that she does.

Often.. and I mean Often, I worry that my life, or the content I include in this blog is not interesting enough to warrant lots of followers.. after all I follow 2 blogs with literally thousands of followers. But here is what I realized this morning: (And I follow those 2 blogs with thousands of followers, I'm not knocking their numbers)

I've discovered, as of late, that many people read this blog that do not follow. And today I realized that not following my blog may be your biggest compliment.. because I don't want you to "follow" me unless it's leading you right to the foot of the cross. When you read this blog I want you to be encouraged, knowing that in your fight you are not alone.. not just because you read that I fight those same battles, but also because you have a personal/intimate relationship with the master. That is my only intention: To show you how crazy this clan is, and to let you know that God resides in the middle of the chaos.. because he directs us all.

What a freeing moment in my blog life. I no longer want to worry about how popular this blog is. Because at the end of the day I only want to share my amazing gifts with you, and let you know that God is every where we look, even in the moments that make us wants to pull our hair out :) (He's especially there :)

That's What I am Thankful for Today, and I love you all, every single one of you!

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