Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Not a Whole Lot Going on Here...

The only new and exciting thing we've had going on today is.. we found out Sugar Mama will be a Might Mite Georgia Bulldog cheerleader for her rec. league!!! We are so excited :) Last year we were Bama, and that was so ridiculously traitorish!! But we've solved that problem. :)

Last week was Spring Break for me and I enjoyed reading three books... I love to read and have stacks in my closet of books I've read since last summer... I buy them used b/c I cannot imagine paying full price for all of those books :) But today it was back to reality and school... I got my summer schedule today and I can finally see the home stretch. Technically I could already be in the Nursing program, but I'm taking EVERYTHING I can take before I have to apply. I'm so ready to be done with that stage.. it's a great break from home, but sometimes the stress makes me re-think my decision :)

Also I am both amazed and unbelievably proud of my 2 girls. Sugar Mama is learning so much everyday and I could not be happier with how our home schooling is turning out right now.. The Nugget is really benefiting from it too because she's picking words up left and right :) Lots of conversation happening around our house :)

What is going on in your life? I ask these questions but no one ever answers me.. you can tell me about your life, you read mine.. I would love to know what's going on in yours :)

Today I am Thankful for:

Good News: It's nice to get Good News every once in a while. We live in a world filled with a lot of "bad".. it's easy to get bogged down, but sometimes just hearing that you got placed on the best SEC team can brighten just a mediocre day...GO DAWGS!!!!

Love to you all!


  1. HI I just found your blog the other day and began reading. I'm not even really sure how I found it now. Anyway, I thought I would answer your question. In my life right now I am a wife to an amazing husband, a mother to a mouthy but beautiful 4-year-old little girl, we are buying our first home, and I will graduate from nursing school with my BSN on May 15th!

    I wish you all the luck with nursing school and the home schooling that you do with your children. I think that is very admirable. Our daughter goes to a great preschool. I could not imagine home-schooling! I am very impressed!

  2. Wow you life sounds exactly like mine :) I have a hubs, 4 and 2 year old girls, and I'm in nursing school too.. but I won't graduate in May, well maybe like 3 years from now :)

    Congratulations on finishing I think that's amazing. What school? And thanks about homeschooling... it was not my first choice, but sometimes God leads us to places we never thought we would be, and that's how it is with home schooling :)