Sunday, March 28, 2010

Raw and Fragile..

It's an incredibly humbling and vulnerable place to be when you put your life out there. I've looked at the previous post several times.. fretting over my words and what they would mean to you.. how you would see me and this blog once you read them. But, like I posted previously, it was very cathartic for me.. this space gave me an opportunity to say things I desperately needed to say and have been to embarrassed until now. If you are upset, I can't apologize because salvation is for sinners.. not the perfect. I cannot claim to be anything more or less than what my savior made me to be.. this is it, I hope it's enough.

Enough of that :)

Lively (that's me) spent four hours at a sewing machine yesterday making dresses. Four of them were for people who "hired" me to make them, and two were for my own little jewels...
What do you think?

This is probably my most favorite picture, of the two of them, to date :)

I also just discovered this one.. I don't use my big camera as often anymore because my cell phone is more convenient.

Just enjoying a snack :)

Easter is next Sunday and Sugar Mama has already exclaimed that she simply "Cannot wait to see what the Easter Bunny brings her," as for me I hope he brings me a Lisa Leonard necklace.. hint, hint hubs :)

If you have never seen her work please look her up @

What do you hope the Easter Bunny brings you?

Really at the end of the day God gave us everything we could ever need by giving us his son, the victory over the grave, because when he rose, he gave us life..eternally, there is NO greater gift.. I hope you've accepted it.

Today I am Thankful for:

This upcoming week: Good Friday, Easter Sunday: Thousands of years ago it was a different world, but he thought of us, every single one of us when he hung on that cross. Me personally I would like to make Friday, a really Good Friday... I have a plan in mind...what will you do?

Laughter: My husband has been so randomly funny the past couple of days. I look at him and my 2 little girls and I think that my cup runs over. They are amazing and I love them more and more everyday :)

Love to you all!


  1. Too CUTE !!!!! Love the pictures!! :)

  2. Thank you, Thank you :)