Monday, March 1, 2010

Small Moments, Big Moments...

It was a fun, but busy weekend. We had a visit with some family and of course school never stops and with two tests I've done a lot of studying. Sugar Mama started to run a slight fever yesterday so no learning today, but the Nugget kept me plenty occupied to make sure no learning for me took it's place :)

One thing I did this morning was read a blog. For whatever reason I read the blogs that will bring a person to their knees. I came across it from Kelly's Korner. It's about Layla, and she's 2. Her parents just recently found out that her cancer had returned and this time there would be no escaping it's tragedy. They've sent her home to spend her last days with her family. Kelly posted that she continues to think of her daughter in that situation and that there are not words for how painful that would be. Layla's parents words from their blog are powerful, raw, heart wrenching, and faithful.

I remember thinking, about my step-dad, that praying for a healing was relative. We prayed, as Layla's parents are, for a healing. The thing is that a healing came with my step-dad, as will it come with Layla. What we can't comprehend is that sometimes healing doesn't happen here, in this body... sometimes it's when they get to where they are going. It's impossible for me to imagine where her parents are.. she is not an only child, so there remains responsibility everywhere, how do they deal?!? But if you read their words you know that they don't intend, nor have the depended on themselves over the course of her sickness. They rely on God to lead them where he intends for them to be. I applaud that.

Most days I struggle with getting it all done, the laundry, the learning, the homework, etc. One thing Layla's mom blogged was that NOW she wishes she would have enjoyed those moments of chaos instead of treating them as intrusions... that hit hard. When Sugar Mama or the Nugget try to help with any task, it more than doubles the time... but in the grand scheme of things What does it really matter?!? In a moment, an instant, things could change and I don't want to wish things were different. My prayers have been with Layla and her family today because they are heavy on my heart. I can't imagine witnessing the life slip out of my child, but to keep praising and living God through it is truly admirable.

Please pray for their family and read their blog:

Today I am Thankful for:

The small moments that make big changes in my life: It is not by mistake that I read that blog, or that I encounter stories that make me appreciate what God has given me. Philippians 4:11 "Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am in, there with to be content. He gives and gives abundantly. Any more than eternal life is a blessing we should give thanks for...

Love to you all.

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