Friday, March 5, 2010

A Typical Day...

Kellys Korner does a blog titled "Show Us Your Life." On the schedule this week is what a typical day is like in the life of her blog followers...

So here it is.. just recently rescheduled to accommodate Sugar Mama...

I do not wake up to an alarm.. in stead I wake up to the incessant calls of this little Nugget every morning of "Mommy, Mommy, only the o's are drawn out unnecessarily :) The time varies daily depending on the amount of beauty rest she requires...

I have a routine of putting in my contacts.. brushing my teeth and getting dressed.. next I wake up Sugar Mama, make up her bed, pick out her clothes and move on to the Nugget.. we make up her bed, pick out her clothes and head down stairs for breakfast...

Next we get dressed, brush teeth and hair and we are officially started for the day :) We usually hit the gym first.. this gives Sugar Mama the "P.E." she needs everyday and me too. We leave there and come home to do our homeschooling...

This is our typical list of activities.. we go over her letters and numbers everyday.. after that I let her choose what she wants to do, but it can include:
play dough
dry erase drawing on board or in work book
sight words
making items with shapes
spelling game
fine motor bead work
an art project that includes our letter/number/animal of the week
fine motor cutting projects
*I can't remember the rest of the things she chooses from, but there is a start* :)

This week she choose Zebras to learn about...

We do this while simultaneously entertaining the Nugget with crayons (which she eats), markers (which she eats), art projects (which she eats).. see the pattern :)
We get in literally as much as we can everyday, but after it's novelty and taste has worn out with the Nugget we have lunch and then quiet time.. the Nugget naps, but Sugar Mama does not.. it's now that she is allowed to watch Preschool tv..

During this 2 hour period I do my homework and/or read.. so that I can get these...

This is an A on my last anatomy test... Yay!!!!!! ((I understand how lame it is to toot my own horn, but whatcha gonna do? :))

After quiet time it's snack time and what comes next depends on the day.. 2 days a week I prepare them and the Hubs for me to go to school.. on Wednesdays we go to church so we leave early and eat at Zaxby's for under $10.. (again pointless but I'm sharing anyways).

We eat dinner around 7 and then baths and bed by 8 or 8:30.. and we do it every day of the week...

What's your typical day? Wish there were more to do, or hours to do it in?

Today I am Thankful for:

My schedule: Without the insanity of my everyday, life would be really would I know to appreciate my little girls if they didn't drive me to a breaking point every once and a while? School is an awesomely stressful outlet, and my husband makes it all worth while...God has blessed me richly and my typical day is being thankful for each one he gives me :)


  1. Wow, your life sounds much more frantic than mine! I feel boring now, hahah! :)

  2. It sounds really hectic, but there are down times they are just quick :) I saw your page and love your blog, thanks for reading :)

  3. We homeschool too. But my girls are 9 and 14. Because I work both my job and at my husbands business we no longer have gym time but we did buy Your Shape for the Wii and this thing WORKS. YOU. OUT! My oldest does about an hour a day on it.. I don't know how and the youngest about 30 mins. I also try to gear reseach projects around things they like. For instance my oldest loves Dr. Pepper, so she had to do a complete report on it's beginnings. She had to make a timeline and have it typed and printed out to turn in to me. I like these projects because it combines a few "subjects" in one. I really enjoyed reading around your blog and it's so nice to see other homeschooling moms out there. It was scary when we started but I wouldn't change a thing now! Have a wonderful weekend! -April

  4. April I felt the exact same way. In fact if I am honest for the first week I cried EVERYDAY.. I was scared to fail her. But God lead me to make this decision and he put some awesome women in my life to help me along the way. Before I knew it I was feeling much better and we were getting things accomplished :) Going to the gym has been really hard, at first I wanted to alter that routine to get make sure her needs were being met, but my husband let me see that actually going would serve both functions. I love the report on Dr. Pepper, that is INSANELY clever :) Thanks so much for reading, it's nice for me to know there are other moms out there doing the same thing as me and surviving :)